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Recommended Posts















SA National leader of resto rod custom car & show, crazy 4 cars





R.I.P. (Rust-In-Peace)




RATS (Rusted Auto Truck Special)











A mature rust-bucket crew that lets "rods" rust in peace (R.I.P.). Crew tag reads "RATS" which stands for Rusty, Autos, Trucks, & Specials. But we are not just about rat rods we got hot rods, muscle, sport classic pretty much if it got wheels its the blood of the car crew. We are also not about loads of rules, KDR, how good you are or how bad. All that matters is the car you drive. Only rule is respect, the rest is GTA life. Junkyard rods cc provides a safe mature fun and cool gaming environment where members mostly just hang out working on cars, talking about cars, taking photos or doing what ever we want to. We are not about leader-boards or crew business, we just figure out what we want to do and do it.














JUNKYARD RODS cc host's some of the most interesting car show events to every hit GTA V San Andrea's, and have been doing so since our start September 24,2014 and before that! I am "WOLF" leader/founder of JRcc and I created this crew for that reason! Car show events have a point judging system created by myself, I add "challenges" to events that are extremely fun, event theme locations, & Car themes & games have caught the attention of ROCKSTAR, and GTA social sites.














Here at Junkyard Rods cc we are taking care of club members, taking paper, and getting ready for a onslaught of car show events. ATM we are heist crazy and all up in the hype having a great damn time, because of this we are reviewing club members and building a "Heist team roster" which will be added to the website with the cover title "Mechanics" and will list details of in crew heist professionals as a way to better take care of members. Such as lv /system/ perfected jobs/ asking rate of pay/ time zone/ etc. We believe here at JRcc that a crew should be the first place to find help. We are free to join and always looking for new members.

























Edit: A note to above, we are mainly based in the PS3, but all other system platforms are welcome!

Edited by Andreas
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