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The magical reappearing Elegy RH8! PS4


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iI can't get rid of this silly stock Elegy RH8! I ordered an Elegy RH8, not realizing that I already had a highly modified one in another garage. So I took it out, put a sticky bomb on it and blew it up and didn't call the insurance for a replacement.I brought the modded Elegy RH8 to the full garage with the old spot showing that the stock car had been scrapped. So when I pulled up with the modded car, I got the prompt that the garage was full and to press the button to continue to choose which car to replace.So when the garage management screen comes up, I choose the scrapped Elegy RH8 spot and hit "yes I'm sure". Bam! The slot is filled with the modded car.


So I go and play a few missions and happen to go back to the garage where the modded Elegy RH8 came from. And I find the stock Elegy RH8 in one of the spots!!!! I wasn't on drugs or booze, but I thought myaybe I was tired and just did it wrong.So I repeat the blowing up of the car for fun as before and performed the movement of vehicles again. I got the redults. The stock car came back in the other garage!


So I just did the same thing, but didn't blow up the stock car. After replacing the car with the modded car, I went back again to the garage. There was that haunted stock Elegy RH8!


Anyone hear of this stupid glitch? Is it because the Elegy RH8 is free and you can't sell it?


I iz cornfuzzed!

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Replace it with another car off the street. When you move a car to another garage it just swaps places. Also it shouldn't say scrapped because it has insurance. Only cars with a track and no insurance that have been damaged say scrapped

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