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Assassination Stock Market Manipulation Still Available?


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I had heard that a patch took this away or the amount of cash you can get is severely limited. Is this true? If so, what other ways can I make a bunch of money really fast? Is there any way to delete the patch that's causing the problem? I'm playing on the PS4. Thanks!

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it still worked as of... 1.04 or 1.05 (or around mid December)


most of my returns were the same or even higher than the GTAForums guide (i posted a few more details there)


no idea if it's been changed in 2015 or not tho... if so, just delete the patches and use one of the few different money tricks that worked with the earlier versions of the PS4/XBO version

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Without this looking too much like a shameless plug, if you read my PS4 Bawsaq Guide, you'll see that you don't really need to worry about these Assassination missions and their effects on the BAWSAQ for maxing your cash.. All my three (F/M/T) have over $40 billion dollars invested..

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yeah i'm not sure if there's really that much of a trend to it but in general, stocks are much more volatile on PS4.... and if you can sort of figure out the 'natural' stock price of a stock (e.g. my Lifeinvader always always reverts to about $8 every 4-5 times I load the game)... then you can pretty reliably buy the 'low' (e.g. $2) and sooner or later it will go up


i'm not sure it's much more complicated that that, and for the most part it seems randomly generated upon each new game (every stock gets a 'behaviour'.... so a few stocks slowly go up all story... and others have a 'natural' stock price they stay at all game)... and then, within that system, every time you load the game a stock has a stock to be 'down'....


my main PS4 game is at about 400 hours I think now, and I've sort of memorized most of the stocks' natural point, and I can rather reliably recognize when they are 'low' and they always go back up to their 'normal' point again


a lot of this can be just done by reloading the game... I can reload the game 50 times and maybe 35 times a stock with be at its regular point (e.g. $10), and then maybe 10 times it will be down a bit ($5-7) and maybe 5 times it'll be crashed ($3 or 4)...


and no passage of time is required... i can just reload over and over to see this... and i can buy it at a low... reload over and over and it'll be at $10 again




this is separate than the stock bug that was in the game at release... that was different because you would get like 1000% returns even when the menu showed the stock was down and you lost money... where as the above behavior actually does match the on-screen numbers




a few times i tried to test it for more logic but i couldn't find any hahaha i just basically wrote it off as sort of 'random' each time you load a game -- beyond the basic behavior i described (which was sort of on the PS3 version too... just not the random crashing as much)

sh*t BTW everything I wrote was for the LCN... not the Bawsaq



I've never really found any patterns with the Bawsaq other than that if I buy Pisswaser or HAL when it's relatively low... it usually goes up again haha :p


both on ps4 and ps3, made most of my money purely on PIS and HAL...


and I have about 4-5 bawsaq stocks on each character from December.... i bought them just cuz I was curious to see how they'd perform after a few months


and almost all of them are down, some are down over 95% lol.... i think only PIS and HAL are still up

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As of, IIRC, 1.06 I didn't get the same payouts as the guide says... but I got more than enough to buy everything I could possibly want. Each character ending up with well over $300 million.

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I got my characters to $950m, it's still there but some of the stocks don't spike so much. Still, it's far more than you'll ever need.

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Thanks for the replys everyone. 300-400 million should be fine. I was thinking that they cut everything way down, but that should be ok. As long as I can buy everything, I'm happy.

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They lowered the payout slightly, but it's definitely still possible.

Signatures are dumb anyway.

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