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Stuck inside Blazing Tattoo...



I was walking along, minding my own business, when this girl starts talking trash. So I pulled out my stun gun and zapped her.


Immediately afterwards, I walked into Blazing Tattoo because I wanted to get some ink...


I got the "cutscene" of walking in, but a few seconds in, the guys inside started freaking out, then the cops showed up.


Now I'm stuck standing here staring at the register, right behind the door, with cops outside yelling at me, but I can't do anything... and they can't reach me...

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3 answers to this question

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I'm guessing it's too late to say anything for your situation, but for future reference if someone finds themselves like this all you can do is try to switch characters, or restart the game, as far as I'm aware.

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Yeah... switching characters wasn't an option... police had me "sighted", but couldn't hit me due to my location in the shop.

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Posted (edited)



I am only exactly 5 years later than the original post, so I hope OP isn't still stuck in the Tattoo Shop.


I have a similar predicament


Story Mode, as Trevor.

I bumped into someone outside the Tattoo Shop on my way in. I got the cut scene, saw the tattooist finishing a tattoo on someone - "now, that is art!".

I'm now stuck seeing Trevor just standing with the Chair in sight, no menus and no options to do anything.


I've i press Start, I can see the map of being inside and the person outside is still RED - I.e. An enemy/after me.

This happened about 08:30am In game time, and it's now 17:15 and increasing. The RED guy is still there.


Because I'm redoing the story and wanting to manipulate the stock market as best as possible, I have turned auto-save off. Therefore the mission(s) I have just done, haven't been saved so I don't want to turn the PS4 off.


Note: I cannot press any button except the Start menu. I cannot switch player, etc.


Am I literally stuck in this situation now?!





Now far gone 04:00am Saturday which is the next day (in-game time) and the guy still wants a fight outside. I have had to load my last save... :( nevermind !

Edited by bene91

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