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On-call hosts more common


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So, I've noticed that post heists DLC, there is a higher chance of the host being 'on-call' when you join a random job.


I'm not sure what triggers the game to make the on-call player join the job, however with races it seems to be when the lobby is full, which means the lobby is basically hung for a long time until the host quits or the players do.



Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me being very unlucky? Is there an issue here that's preventing random matches to be quick and easy?


It's either a mistake in the new patch, or a result of players not using on-call jobs as often.

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I've noticed that I'm probably the on call host a lot these days when going on call. Frustrating cause I don't know how or if there's a way to enter the lobby or relinquish hosting duties. Have even gotten messages to "start the f*ckin DM bro!!!!" Lol

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It's stupid that an On Call Host is unable to launch until the lobby is full. Once the minimum is reached, there should be an option to launch.


Not really a "Quick Job" feature when you have to wait 20 mins for a lobby to fill. Just burns time in FR, limiting what you can do in FR before you are taken away suddenly.

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Yup, I was hoping I wasn't missing some prompt if you're the on call host, to trigger the game to start. But there isn't a prompt, just a long wait until you realise it's you in freemode holding up the rest of the players.


I've taken to qutting random jobs unless I enter within 50 seconds. It's just quicker to find another lobby.

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It's a pain when host is on call as they are unaware and cannot start it, I may have even been one! Worst thing ever removing join lobby.

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This is how on-call host works.


I join a lobby and pull up my phone. Select to do an on-call contact mission. I bum around free mode waiting for lobby to fill up. There is now a little display next to the time where it says X/4 players in lobby. If everyone leaves except the player on call, they become host. Servers will try to populate the lobby until it is full and then the on-call host will join the lobby. There is no point bitching to an on-call host because they probably don't even know they are the host.

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