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Official Thread for Glitches for GTA Liberty City Stories.

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This is the Official Glitches for GTA Liberty City Stories


There are some glitches in Liberty City Stories that I found, here's one.


Undead Car Glitch

When you are stealing a car, while the animation where you are pushing the person our. Next, use the explode all cars cheat which is L1 L1 Left L1 L1 Right X Square, make sure you used the cheat while doing the animation and make sure your not inside it. If done correctly, the car should still be on fire and your inside it. Quickly enter the health cheat which is L1, R1, X, L1, R1, SQUARE, L1, R1.. It will not be on fire and now it's a drive-able smoked car with a missing wheel. To make the glitch better you can go to a Pay n' Spray to make the car brand new but a bit blackish color to it.

Edited by Skull2knight
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Crusher Glitch: Converts Vehicles into Ghosts and also makes them DP once put into a Garage.


Shoreside Redemption PP Conversion: Makes ANY Vehicle with wheels PP.


Probably the best two...Crusher Glitch also works in III.

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I experienced a pretty annoying bug during my whole playthrough: melee weapons disappear after reloading the game. So, the one I used the most was the baseball bat as it spawns near each safehouse, although it's not my favourite melee weapon. I played the PS2 version, but it happens in the PSP version, too.

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Absolutely correct. I have 6 100% Save Files for LCS. However, on my first first one, that happened to me, too. I had the Chainsaw during the time I was doing "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade" and "Slash TV" Side Mission. But every time I saved and reloaded, it was missing and I would have to keep picking up the baseball bat instead at the Safehouse...


It's still not that bad to me, though. All I ever use in LCS is the M60 which you get upon completing all 20 Rampages or the M4 which you get after 60/100 Hidden Packages are collected.


I have a Starter Save, so I got a lot of stuff done early and out of the way, so melle weapons are the least of my worries! :)

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This is a good glitch, in my opinion. If you have completed the game on one save file, and start a new game on another, The SSV Lift Bridge will work in that new save file. This works on my PSP copy. :)

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That is true, too.


Even on my PS2 Copy that works. Furthermore, if you complete False Idols and Love on the Rocks, then RELOAD your Save, the SSV Lift Bridge will be open, yet you will still be in SI with SSV LOCKED, technically...

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