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What, specifically, qualify as "tunables"?


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I know some tweaks/changes have to come via a client-side update (read: hard drive on your console/hopefully-soon-PC), but with R* making frequent "tunable" (R* server-side) changes lately, what exactly are those?

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price adjustments


special crate contents frequency and players req

random events like take out plane kill target bank truck

good sport reward

among ones i know of

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Events like double RP and DLC weekends. Plus any update that has passed microsoft or sony

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Scroll down and you will see alot of variables.

All those variables can be used for discounts or to disable/enable events or event items or to control crate drops ..etc

Alot of variables right ? but R* only use few of them. They can even use one variable and ignore all those variables.

This is the script to handle tunables variables.

Now how to get a default value for specific variable ?

For example:

func_9(uParam0, uParam1, "XP_TUNABLE_DAILY_DEATHMATCH", &Global_262145.imm_4077, 1);

After "XP_TUNABLE_DAILY_DEATHMATCH" there's a global variable.

Search for "Global_262145.imm_4077"


Global_262145.imm_4077 = 1f;

That's the default value, f means float.

Every new title update they add new variables.

Now after heists update they've hashed all those variables.

Before heists:

func_9(uParam0, uParam1, "XP_TUNABLE_DAILY_DEATHMATCH", &Global_262145.imm_4077, 1);

After heists:

func_9(uParam0, uParam1, -1000291059, &Global_262145.imm_4077, 1);

Now it's a hash.

Hashed using jenkins hash function.


So we don't know the names for the new variables and the same thing will happen for future updates.

We won't know the names but we can get the default values.

Global_262145.imm_6779 = 100000;Global_262145.imm_6780 = 1000000;Global_262145.imm_6781 = 1000000;Global_262145.imm_6782 = 10000000;

Those are the default values for heists challenges.

Edited by funmw2
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