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Heists and total system freezes


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Is anyone else experience major issues after this heist update? I haven't played in a few months and after I heard about the heist update I started playing again. I can hardly pass a single heist setup without my system completely freezing up. And to add insult to injury, it'll typically freeze at the very last minute before I would have completed the mission. This has happened twice now with the Humane Raid, when I'm about to land my plane it locks up and requires a hard reset. This happened with the trash truck setup heist as well. The game will lock up more often now even just in freemode. I've only actually been able to play and finish one heist only. I've been on the other end as well. Players will "quit" and it forces everyone else out of the mission, since they all require 4 people. I'm on PS3, and although I had freezing issues before this update, I've never had freezing issues like this before. It's so much worse; the game IMO is hardly playable like this. I've had issues with freezing in every heist I've tried to play so far. I can go into more detail if needed. I tried a few things to make it run better; I booted into safe mode and rebuilt the database. It seemed to run a little smoother after that but freezing is still very prevelent. The other issue I continuously run into is the game failing to ever load a heist. I've hosted heists and just sat on "loading session" after everyone joins doesn't freeze, but it never actually loads the game. This has happened to me when I joined another people's hosted games too. The worst part about this is the game hasn't froze but there's no option to quit or go back. So again it forces me to quit GTAv and load the game back up again. These issues are incredibly annoying and frustrating. I can't believe Rockstar released this update with all of these issues. They made us wait a year to come out with heists, they should have just waited until the end of the year if heists are going to be like this. Because I still can't actually play them.


Does anyone know if there is something I can do on my end to fix some of these issues? Or is this all on Rockstar's end? Thanks

Edited by osirhc
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Okay so when you complete a heist, or heist setup, for a few seconds, sometimes a minute, you will be in a black loading screen. It usually doesn't mean your game froze, it means its saving, so just wait in that screen for a bit and you should be back in the game. IO

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