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question about one female heist outfit


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can i change the gloves on the pegassi female outfit i like the grey top but all glove options are greyed out yet it comes with gloves it seems rockstar over looked a few things ya know that the delay of 1 year could not forsee *rolls eyes* its the same with some other clothing options why can i wear boots with cargopants yet there is a outfit in the riders section of a pair of cargo pants with boots bloody hell


*edit( oh and i cant add a jacket and then take it off because it makes my f*cking arms invisible for f*ck sake rockstar >.>

Edited by oXMidnightSinXo
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The only way I managed to get the gloves off was to put on a jacket but like you said the top half of my arms become invisible so its pointless lol.


I really was disappointed when i found out you couldn't take the gloves off I've been wanting a normal t shirt for my female character for so long.

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There is a way to get that tee on its own by doing this glitch: http://gtaforums.com/topic/774919-how-to-obtain-the-police-outfit/

Do exactly what it says, except instead of doing the mission where you wear the police outfit, do the Prison Break finale as the prisoner. The female prisoner outfit has the same gray t-shirt but without the gloves.

If you're successful and save the outfit, then you can change the rest of your clothes. Enjoy!

thank you so much i'll have to give it a try once im done doing the "all in order" challenge :D

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Yeah the shirt is great, it's a normal fit and it makes the female's breasts actually look halfway decent from the front. I don't mind the gloves though, I thought about obtaining a glove-less version from Prison Break like explained above, but can't decide if worth the effort or not. I'd honestly love to have more colors, logos, etc, variations in general of this shirt type.



Edited by Aby
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I bought the outfit with this grey t-shirt and changed the pants because I was glad to finally have a normal t-shirt for a female and was glad to see the breasts actually looked natural in that shirt. They also look natural in the police uniform and other new suit options from the Heist update. Hopefully all new female shirts going forward will look like that.

Edited by WanabeSpiderMan
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Although another nice glitch with this outfit, if you equip a jacket it comes a crop top


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Just the angle I think, as you know altering the characters build is sadly not possilbe...

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  • 2 months later...

I hate the HUGE v neck t-shirts and I absolutely LOVE the t-shirt I get from The Pegassi.

I too think it's pretty funny that they added a bunch of new clothing that's not compatible with things like what you said in your post.

I wish they would have just added this kind of t-shirt along with the black one that's under the hooded jackets under Heist Tops.


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