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Single player now glitched when getting into vehicles


Go to solution Solved by Johan,

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Forgive me if this has been posted before, I don't have time to read every single post and I can't find it anywhere else. If so, you don't need to bump it with complaints about "not this again" like I see happen so often.

Ever since the heists update when I play single player and get inside ANY car/truck/van/bus/boat I am immediately prompted with a tutorial message instructing me how to "duck" in a car. It doesn't stop after the first message, it simply keeps happening every single time I enter a vehicle. It's extremely annoying.

Anyone else experience this or know how to fix this? I guess I might be able to adjust setting to turn off notifications, but I actually like some of the prompt notifications. I don't want to be forced to do that.

Also, why does it tell me there are new vehicles in my garage, helipad, and hangar when the only new thing I see is a white Maverick. Where's the technical, savage, insurgent, valkyrie, etc....?

Edited by ChanzaLanza
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  • Solution

It's a known problem since the update, you can turn down the notifications but not sure if that helps (haven't tried it) but right now the only fix would be to go back to an older update (which would be the base game)


As for the new vehicles thing, again.. part of the update which caused a lot of confusion for those that strictly play SP, R* said that none of those vehicles included in the Heists update would come to SP.


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Also, why does it tell me there are new vehicles in my garage, helipad, and hangar when the only new thing I see is a white Maverick. Where's the technical, savage, insurgent, valkyrie, etc....?


R* wanted to mess with people and make us think we got the new vehicles, so we all rushed to our garages and hangars excited to finally drive the Kuruma and fly the Hydra, only to realize that in fact, all new content was excluded from SP, including the Hydra, which was long promoted as being in SP.

Edited by killahmatic
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This is all very despicable business practice. To break the main game with a multiplayer update because they couldn't be bothered to give a crap about Single Player. It would've taken how many seconds of playing Story Mode and hopping in a vehicle to notice that something is wrong. That's how long it took me. By the second vehicle, I was SURE that something was wrong.


But that's not all, there is yet another new annoying bug in Single Player where I can no longer purchase large quantities of stock shares at the pace I could before. Now I have to wait as the ticker inches along at a ridiculously slow pace, while I impatiently hold the plus sign button down. I'm an "all in" kind of investor, so this especially effects me.

Disgusting and despicable. Isn't this game sold as a single player experience with multiplayer tacked on? What a joke. Multiplayer is only as good as the quality of people, no matter how much Rockstar does to it, the game is still overloaded with war-game junkies who simply kill randoms all day, wannabe gangsters who take sh*t seriously, and small corrupted brain dead children who have become mentally stunted by the same poor parenting that allows them to play this game.

Also, is it really that hard to place a few appropriate potential spawn points for newly added vehicles around the map. This time they didn't even add the vehicles at all. I like the option to buy vehicles, and I like finding them in their appropriate places. If there is a Hydra, it should be at the Air Base. However, what I HATE is getting a bunch of free vehicles placed in my garages that will be there from the beginning, every time I start the game.

Having tanks in my garage on "Saints Row The Third: The Complete Package" kinda kills story progression, and so does implementing new DLC vehicles through garage lists, instead of adding them into the actual immersive game world. In the very least you should able to (and have to) purchase these new vehicles with in-game money so that they actually fit into the story you create while playing.

Edited by ChanzaLanza
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