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360 mastermind crew.

Patty Cakes88

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Patty Cakes88

looking for 3 mature casual gamers, to complete the mastermind challenge. I am a parent an I work so playing for hrs straight can't always happen. I would like to arrange play time a day or so in advance once people are found. My gt is my username please feel free to leave your if interested, or message/friend me via console. Thanks for the time, hope to see you in LS

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Interested. GT Tortured12thMan Friend request sent

Interested. GT Tortured12thMan Friend request can't be sent for some reason. But still very much interested and I have a friend willing to meet up and play too.

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Will send fr tonight.


Im a parent as well and share the big tv with the wife (lol).

Scheduled is awesome. What timezone/time do you play?

Edited by N0 F34R
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Patty Cakes88

Sounds great. unfortunately I won't be on until Thursday, I will get on tomorrow evening and accept/send friend request possibly do some practice. I live in Philadelphia,pa eastern standard I normally play in 3-4hr blocks or longer if able, Thursdays an the weekend are good days to for me

Edited by Patty Cakes88
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Patty Cakes88

I have sent a message/friend request to each of u, what time & time zone are good for yall on Saturday

Edited by Patty Cakes88
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Hey I'm in if you're still accepting people for the challenge, pretty good in any role

GT: Swigs31

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