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Emblem Request (please help me out)


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Can someone please join my crew and upload an emblem, im open to anything, which means it can also be fun for u guys, my crew name is The Perished and its open to join so if anyone could join my crew and then make one for me and publish it, I would be so f*cking grateful, it doesn't mater how its made just as long as its cool, my social club id is undead-outlaw please help if u think u can, any emblem is fine, just have fun with it and try to suit it to the crew name, thanks guys.

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What do you want made?

Read the Guidelines:http://gtaforums.com/topic/523361-request-guidelines/

Guidelines would tell you what things are required to be told during requests.


Also if you need MC Emblem; Tell answers to below 7 Questions.

1. What on Top rocker?

2. What on Bottom rocker?

3. Do you need MC and 1% ?

4. 1% or 1%er?

5. Center patch. Post only the link if you cant post image.

6. Any special effects like Stitch around the path of rockers?

7. What Colors?


Edited by Cristiano Ronaldo 7
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thx for the reply, and That's just the thing, im not good with technology, or graphics, and that's why I need somebody to join my crew so they can publish the emblem themselves instead of just making me a logo and posting it on here, because I don't know how to upload an emblem to my crew unless its made thru the R* emblem creator, and as far as emblem ideas go, I was thinking a skull with a crown or an evil jester, I would prefer the colors to be black and white or grey(anything without color) and in more of a logo style, meaning I don't want a square behind it, also do u urself do emblems cristiano? because if u do, if u could help I would be extremely grateful, my crew name is The Perished and social club id is undead-outlaw, thanks man.

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