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The Horizon Group Security Firm

The Horizon Group

Recommended Posts

The Horizon Group


Private Security Solutions for San Andreas

Established 2015

Credit to DevlinGFS and Cristiano Ronaldo 7 for the GFX


Mission Statement:

A quiet provider of professional services. We offer operational services in logistics, defense, training, and intelligence gathering. Our name has been tested, and proven in the most challenging of environments throughout the world. Today's environment demands professionals in both high-threat and low profile environments. Our teams are constantly training to evolve with ever present threats in today's changing world. Our wide bandwidth and far reaching presence makes us the premier single source tactical solutions provider for all of our clients


Dedication- We operation with an uncompromising commitment to quality, and our mission

Excellence- We vow to complete our mission in a timely, professional manner acceptable to our client's expectations

Ingenuity- Our operators and teams are among the most forward thinking individuals under fire

Discretion- We understand that client intentions and confidentiality is the worry of the client alone.


-Physical Security

-Security Management Consulting
-Risk Assessment/Threat Analysis
-Information Services
-Standby Security
-Mobile Escort

-Asset Recovery

-Asset Destruction



Our history is being written as the victors.

Company founded by Diego "Judge" Montalvo, Mac Scofield, and Sergei "Lefty" Datsyuk
Offices established in Vice City, under contract from the government to secure the Port of Vice City from terrorist activities, and curtail the smuggling of drugs from the Caribbean into the city.
Offices established in Liberty City, under contract to secure the Liberty City International Airport, as well as the Port of Liberty City from terrorist activities, and curtail the smuggling of drugs.
Offices established in Los Santos, under contract to secure the Los Santos International Airport, as well as the Port of Los Santos from terrorist activities, and curtail the smuggling of drugs.
Freelance work available in Los Santos with the influx of former military personnel coming home from the Middle East.



Edited by The Horizon Group
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