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GTA San Andreas uninstalling problem


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So today I wanted to reinstall San Andreas cause there was some errors and I clicked "Uninstall" then it shows this:


>SetupDLL/SetupDLL.cp (469)

PAPP: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

PVENDOR: Rockstar Games (http://www.rockstargames.com/)



@Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) BT_OTHER 38930.21353


I looked everywhere and It all couldn't seem to work. I deleted the San Andreas folder and some of those other methods out there. Are there any other methods I can use?

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When a program does not uninstall with its own uninstall feature you will have junk left in the System Register that will also need to be cleaned out, else it may cause problems when trying to reinstall the program.


Some side info. Was the Game installed from an Original DVD, or was it installed from a Vendor and properly registered with STEAM?

Were any Mods installed, or an attempt to install?

What kind of glitches when playing?

Edited by lil weasel
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It was installed from the original DVD.


An ped.ifp mod was added.


No glitches.

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You say no glitches, yet in the first post you say you are want to reinstall because "there was some errors". That is contradictory.

You have the DVD in the drive and running set up you chose "Uninstall"?

Did you remove the Mod(s) First?

Did you restore from your backup any file(s) that you replaced or changed, before you attempted the uninstall?

When running the Uninstall it will ail if it cannot find the files it expects to see and remove. It may also fail if it finds unknown files.


You may have to do a manual deletion, and regedit cleaning.

If done improperly this may make reinstalling near impossible.

If the Mod(s) are causing the problem you may want to take the situation to the Modding forums for help.

Edited by lil weasel
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It was just a SAMP error because I was playing SAMP and sometimes it wouldn't start up or something like that. The mod also worked with SAMP. Sorry I wasn't that specific.


I chose "Uninstall".


No, I didn't remove the mod first. Sometimes I don't remove the mods when I reinstall San Andreas.


No, I didn't. I accidentally removed the original ped.ifp so I decided to stay with the mod ped.ifp. That is one of the reasons why I want to reinstall GTA San Andreas now.

Edited by Flufboy
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Lets see if the Modders cn help you.

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