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Looking for serious PS4 players to use teamwork in GTA online


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I'm looking for people who want to get together and play GTA Online. I want to play these missions with other people, who actually communicate, use teamwork, devise strategies etc. Instead of getting stuck with different people running around doing things that have nothing to do with the mission, and kids screaming in my ear. That's not to say that there is any age limit/rank limit that I'll play with. As long as you want to play the way the developers intended us to, than I'm down. Example: "hey, I'll hack the keypad while you get the car".... "you drive, I'll keep the cops off us" etc... My real name is Dave. My gamertag on PS4 is "the sacred herb" (with a space between each word). I'm a very experienced GTA player. I've spent several hundred hours in single player, but am fairly new (last couple days) to GTA online. My rank is currently in the teens but I can hold my own. So far, I think GTA Online is a really awesome concept, I'm just a little frustrated with the lack of people who actually want to play as a team, or crew or whatever you want to call it, and communicate as a team to accomplish a common goal. Anyway, I hope to gain some competent friends.

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If you need 1 more for any missions/heists etc just add me... DayyyLaaaDx

I an looking for others to play gta with in a serious manner and also have a laugh/fun with.


Lvl 155

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Sounds great Dayyy. I'm a firefighter, and I'm just finishing up Sunday night truck checks at the station. I'll hit you up in about a half hour and add you. If you're online, we'll get something going.

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Add me as well. Been looking for serious players for a while now. Psn:Twin_Turbo-_-

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