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Yet another MC patch request!


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I know you all get one of these every five minutes so Ill keep this simple.

The super talented Slave Boy did most of the work about a year ago just trying to get some new things done.


Just need this with some different locations on the bottom rocker.


I need a


Stab City


Sandy Shores


And one of just the bottom Rocker and MC patch that reads Prospect


Like always no rush and any help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance to any GFX deity's that heed my prayers!


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Wow that was crazy fast! Thanks guys. Those new ones look pretty cool slave. I'll have to see what everyone wants now. Thanks so much for the work!!!

Edit: And I'd like to add that slave you making the original a year ago. I personally didn't expect to have a game community mean so much. The people in there are like family at this point and the symbol you made is extremely sentimental to all of us. I'd like to thank you again man. You do great work.


Edit 2: Also is there a chance i can get you guys to re size all the emblems to 512x512px. Including the original and both types of patches (The boys cant decide what they like more)


I know that's more work and I apologize to and thank who ever helps.

Edited by Dragon-Snax
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Stab City:http://i.imgur.com/V5USIrH.png


Sandy Shores:http://i.imgur.com/4CvmeVj.png



Also; I made these one for you:-




Slave Boy's MC patches are already 512*512 Pixels.

Edited by Cristiano Ronaldo 7
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