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What do you think Heists were originally going to be like?

Nelson Van Alden

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Nelson Van Alden

Rockstar said a while back the reason Heists were delayed so much, was due to the fact that they were completely redesigned. Personally, I love Heists, but they do really follow the same path and processes of the single player heists, with some somewhat lacking matchmaking between players thrown in.


If they weren't this way to start with, I wonder what Rockstar originally had planned for them. I can't see that they were ever more advanced versions of the normal contact jobs, so what were they? surely the match making system wasn't worse than what we currently have? :)


Any thoughts?

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Dangerous and sad

I thought if heist were released in 2013.. They would have been nowhere near as good as I've seen them..... It would have been worth the wait if they added the dam vehicles into SINGLEPLAYER!!

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"R* said a while back the reason Heists were delayed so much"

Yeah for 5 heists only, of course...

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As much as I like them, I thought they would entail a lot more planning. There isn't much player planning involved if you ask me. And what I was asking my friends the other day is:


In the Fleeca Job (Heist 1) you escape via magnet attached to a cargobob. What the hell happened to stuff like this during the next four?


I really do hope they give us more, 5 heists were completed quickly and now GTA returns to it's original state, apart from forever being invited by randoms. And people causing havoc in new vehicles.

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I reckon they'd have been more like The Los Santos connection, just an extended mission.


The only fault I can find with the heists are that they are too strict in how you have to go about them, particularly where stealth is concerned. Other than that, they're good. But these are hopefully just the first of a few heists so we'll see what is released in the future.

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I was hoping we would get the DLC content in singleplayer too(I hope not having them in SP is just a glitch that will be fixed soon,there is no reason for not having them there),we wouldn´t have to unlock vehicles(at least the civilian vehicles with no armor and weapons),that we could hire NPC heist crew as an alternative to playing with other players like in SP(it would make playing heists much easier,not having to wait for half an hour for 4 people to join),and that there would be more of them.

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They're p close to what I imagined tbh.. I'd have thought they'd be a bit more complicated & you'd have to rely on teamwork/communication at bit more - like that bit where you have to enter the keycards at the same time, I thought there'd be more context/time sensitive co-op moments.


But I think they struck a decent balance, esp at first attempt.

I'd have liked there to be more robberies/heists than raids/quests but sure.. It's ok & hopefully we get more 'soon'.


I really don't understand how they took so long tho. I think a lot of that has to do with background sh*t, making sure everyone's running the same thing.

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they woud have been a lot worser

seriously, i never expected that they woud live up to the hype :O


everyone not satisfied...... go to the bitch and moan tread :)

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I thought they would be like Payday 2. You could do them solo or with others, additional supplies are optional, and they weren't so scripted and such. If a teammate died, you could keep going and not fail the damn heist. You could do the heists stealth or go in loud. The GTA Online heists seem like they can only be done one way.

Edited by LightningLord411


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I think the actual planning is much, much more detailed than people think.


It's starts with ensuring people stay using GTA. In order to make money for rockstar. It's not altruisic.


So the second part is the vehicles. The new heists are basically giving a vehicle each. So, how does that vehicle operate? What are it's pros and cons. How does it work in missions, freeroam, deathmatches etc. Does it cause an imbalance? How much should it cost? How can we make it useable, fun, but not so good that it makes all previous vehicles in it's class redundant?


Bear in mind the plan is to make you want to buy the new content, and the old vehicles, and resort to buying cards to pay for your funds.


Then how do we make the heists fun? What about payouts? What makes them different from missions, while not making missions redundant?


Then theres the look at the microeconomics of the new content, ways to gain and spend money, and how that affects players enjoyment of the game as well as making buying ingame cash more of an option?


What do rockstar do to make the new consoles content better than the old gen, without alienating the users on older consoles?


Basically, I'm saying the heists themselves were probably the same from the very start. The other aspects, that's what's changed, new toys and more money but easier ways to spend all that cash without getting all the toys you want. And not making the current content pointless.


The daily tasks is a good example of pushing players to use old content, making the game seem larger, more to do, and the user want more toys to help complete tasks.

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We know what they were like thanks to the leaked one (pacific standard).


-Get in Lester's van

-Drive to the bank

-2 people hack, other 2 hold off the cops

-Get back in van

-Lose wanted level


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The realist in me is saying that if the heists came out according to the initial scheduling, they would have been copped out, half-assed, and rushed.


You know, quick buck DLC similar to Destiny's.


I didn't mind the wait, it paid off well enough.

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Matchmaking has nothing to do with how heist were designed.

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They redesigned heists? I wonder how the original heist would have been. These are okay but honestly not worth the wait. It seems like way too much thought went into them and Rockstar probably made them suck more then they should have. Of course this is my opinion as other players love them.

Edited by Chloroform
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the fleeca job got me really excited for what was to come- magnetic cargobob, hacking minigame, drilling minigame



the only gimmicks after that were new vehicles though which was pretty disappointing

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From what I recall reading the biggest challenge was to insure every crew member had something to do in each part of the job.

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Considering there are only five heists, with three of which hardly being anything other than glorified story missions, I'm not sure what took Rockstar so long.

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Does anyone remember the leaks talking about different factions planning boards? And how when accessing the lost mc board the game would crash?

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I personally don't think rockstar even started working on heists till maybe 4 or 5 months ago. I think this is really how they had EVERYTHING planned out for the most part. Hype hype hype. And I think it lived up to the hype.

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i think they probably intended to drop the same stuff minus the embelishments (insurgents etc) and cutscenes, (edit) and payment through devin weston's alpha fund (pending payment indefinitely)

Edited by ShiviSRT-10
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I didn't have any expectations at all. It surprised me to have an update that we couldn't just buy everything up. I actually appreciated that. It required teamwork at its best to get through heists and unlock the privilege of buying exclusive items and vehicles. I hope they continue this trend. Loving it!


Edited by wehweh01
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They're not bad. I kinda have a feeling that there will be more heists in the future, these were just the 'beginner' batch. I just hope that if we do get more intricate heists, that we'll be able to choose our approach for the finale. Have two options, whether we want to go in 'loud and dumb' or 'quiet and smart', where we choose how we'll do things rather than following a script. I think it will create a lot more replay value and an interesting factor in seeing how well we can perform teamwork.

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"R* said a while back the reason Heists were delayed so much"


Yeah for 5 heists only, of course...

4 and a half if you ask me. with a couple serious bugs. = rockstar are liars. they could have released them a year ago if they'd have wanted to. its marketing and timing. They did not need that extra time even if they did use to it to make some of it better. i guarantee you they have 4-5 more ready for releasing 1 at a time with future dlc.
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The original version was probably just robbing normal banks. But even with all this cool stuff we have I still believe the heists were over hyped. But that's just my opinion. :)

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I reckon they'd have been more like The Los Santos connection, just an extended mission.


This is exactly what they were planning to give us, complexity on par with Los Santos Connection with roles set up like they were for the one where you split into two teams, snipers and attackers, and hit the top of the parking garage.


Instead we got a fully scripted set of SP-style missions with online match making and players. It's pretty astounding how far they came.

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