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Still can't play GTA Online


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Do not worry, even Kevin Durant cannot play: https://twitter.com/KDTrey5/status/576878435097673728


But according to Rockstar Support, it surely has an unstable connection too... :rol:


I used to have respect for Rockstar but this game is 2 years old now and it is completely unacceptable to still be having these issues, infact these issues have gotten worse over time, there was a time I could play GTA Online without issue, a short time admitedly.


Then for Rockstar to try shift the blame onto the consumers who have no other problems with any other game is just a dick move.


Fix your goddamn game and your goddamn servers Rockstar before I lose all respect entirely, even Activision and EA have fixed their broken games and servers faster.

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The game is not alright and that's the most delicate form of defining current stability issues. Is it playable? Yes, if we're not talking about Heists. We all should admit it. But there is no competition and R* is not going to do anything to fundamentally change our experience (dedicated servers and custom lobbies).


What we have now:

— Time out errors. Maybe, the most popular and well-known thing;

— Jobs that are failed to download;

— Idiotic separation through the sessions after the job;

— Ability to be stuck in the clouds for a long time;

— And last, but not least, the infamous unknown network error.


What the hell is unknown network error, really? In my opinion it means that situation in game's network code is so bad that R* can't even implement a proper evaluation technique to troubleshoot what is wrong. I'm not even dreaming about the idea of fixing something, but thought that something IS wrong and it's impossible to even determine what is it terrifies me.


A lot of people shared their opinions on the network issues. Yes, some of players are using unstable connections in XXI century or relying on bad ISPs. Yes, sometimes it's stupid home network configuration to blame (cheap router, weak wi-fi signal. It's all true.


But god damn, I've changed 3 countries since 2013, 2 versions of this game, 2 consoles, 3 routers and sh*tload of ISPs (4, to be clear) and I can't say that affects nothing in general. Sometimes, I was playing via UnoDNS or VPN and I can assure you, it's not a big difference.

Unknown network error and timeouts are still there. No matter, where I am, what kind of ISP or hardware I'm using and what version of the game is in play.


A lot of people are dreaming about new vehicles and gameplay changes. I have a dream, that R* will fix their servers or rewrite their network code. With heists here it's absolutely clear, that network part of the game is not okay. I've spent more time on loading screens, reconnections, reboots, restarts than on actually performing heists. After the unlocks I'm not planning to go back to them. Hell no. I'm okay with missions solo or couple of people.

Edited by hei3enberg
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