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looking for mature PS4 friends


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Definitely leave your psn or comment if interested. I am up to whatever. Enjoy open and closed lobby sessions. Feel free to reply I am in central time, and will be doing heist all day tomorrow. Also tuning up my cars and looking for a new hangout spot for my crew .

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Add me if you like PSN: GOW71, just leave me a message saying it's from forum. I automatically delete FR's without knowing where they come from.

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You can add me if you want. My psn is plkoren. Same with me send me a message to let me know it's from forum.

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I'm interested in doing some heists. I'm in my 30's, so kinda want to avoid playing with teenagers. I'm usually on around 9:00 - 10:00 at night. Add me if you want.


PS4: GenuineHam

Edited by bham3098
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You can always join my crew. It's made up of a few of us from these forums. We're all pretty much all down to earth and mature. Some of our members hold meets and stuff, but I tend be in free roam a lot, so if anyone here wants to join, you're more than welcome.


PSID: CrossedSabres


Crew page is in my signature.

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Appreciate all the comments I got really sidetracked today and didn't get to add people till now. Sorry guys 😔

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I don't want to join anyone's crew but interested in playing with folk or at least seeing what happens. At the moment in heisting mode kind of..


PSN:- troysayshi

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Yo I'm trying to do some heists today as well, looking to do some front to back heists with the same crew for that bonus, I use my mic and try my best to display competence...psn InvaderKush (PS4)

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PSN- moriarti1811


Don't mind doing heists, races, survivals and missions :)

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Hey Guys I'll be addding the rest of you guys tomorrow. Just started a new heist hopefully I can get some help. Can't wait to game with some of you guys. Thanks for the interes. Simple chill invite only lobbies full of great conversations and topics and fun of course :)

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I'm just sending requests out at the moment.. No idea whether I'll come across anyone or not lol...

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I just added everyone my psn is on ps4. It starts with Lil in case you received it. I tried adding some of you guys but psn didn't show up. To those I did hope you guys are ready to make money and have fun while maintaining a respectful mature environment.😼

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Hi guys, I'm looking for decent friends as well. I'm in the EST (-5) and have a small handful of friends. I'm about level 68-72, somewhere in there.I've done all the heists with friends and I typically purchase, practice, and study various aircraft. (The maximum sustainable elevation for the Hydra is about 8050 feet and does about a 50 foot drop when switching from hover to thrusters). So basically, I just like to have fun..


Add me if you want to goof off- PSN & RSC:MrJoeyJohnson


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