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Snapmatic...Social Club, Photos Gone, Crew Hijacked.


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Hey All, I made a new topic as not to clutter up any of the Snapmatic threads with text.


Anyone else have all their Snapmatics gone from Social Club?

PS3 and PS4 Snapmatics.


Is it because I won't let the game update/connect to the net, I have Max amount of Snaps saved in the game (PS4) but even all my PS3 snaps from a while ago are gone.


Another thing... I created a crew, day one of online on PS3, and didn't think of all the crew stuff till thinking about Heists, anyway I will have to leave the crew I created as all the members are not even playing on PS4 and there is someone else as crew leader (stranger to me, and not an active player)


Now crew leader info box says the crew leader is the founder of the crew, but I am the founder and not the leader?


Anyone else had this happen?

Edited by Vertighost
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both my PS3 and PS4 Snapmatic libraries are fine, just checked...


remember that when you click Snapmatic on the Social Club web page, you have to select My Photos and then also select your platform (PS3 and PS4 have separate libraries)


when you load up either game... you should automatically see them soon as the connects online to your social club account.. are you connecting online and to the correct account?

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Thanks for the reply...


Yeah I've selected both platforms and selected my photos, and I also did a Snapmatic search for my username and it say no results (or something like that), I used my PC...should I be connecting through my PS4?, from that Social Club picture when you highlight GTA V from the PS4 OS? Because I've never used that.


(I won't be connecting if it means I need to update to use network feature first) It's not too big of a deal for me, Screenshot function is good (just not acceptable for the Snapmatic Comps). from what I've checked out Social Club seems pretty lame IMO, not many extra stats that I can't get Offline.

Edited by Vertighost
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