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People to do Heists with on PS4


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I'm looking for people with respect and experience to do heists with. Done with the mouths in my crew and must have a mic.

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well im currently looking for peeps too but having trouble finding any at all to do them with


im trying to do the series A fund one if you want to join/help me out find people



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I'm on the final heist "Pacific standard bank" and left it because of the mouths in the group.

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I can't be a mouth....because i don't have a mic :p...oh wait nvm....i have a mic....i just don't use it?

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Well I am currently looking for mature players to add for heists. I pretty much only play with family and some don't have a PS4 now so I need more people for heists. It is a crew of just family and we are all in our mid 30's but if your in I'll send an invite. Oh and we all use mic's and do our best to keep down the background chatter.

Edited by Feurian42
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Hey revit, I am going to add you (d05er_tri99a) Im also looking for dependeble respectful players. I have a mic but only talk when it concerns the mission.

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I'm also looking for good Heist players on the PS4!


Have a mic and like to consider myself a pretty decent GTA player!


PSN: Chris6067

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Hail Sithis

psn: ponyswagger

looking for people who will actually join when i send invites -_-

currently trying to get my all in order and heist leader awards

do have a mic but it creates echoes and you won't be hearing much from me anyways :p

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