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Anyone out there want to do heists? [Xbox One]

Doctor Quinzel

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Doctor Quinzel

I've been having issues getting into heists. I'm not sure what it is at all, but I've tried to get into seven heists and got kicked out of all of them along with jobs. I'm not exactly sure what it is. I'm not a bad sport nor does my card say dodgy, but if anyone wants to do heists with me my gamertag is NAACP Approved. I have a mic, but I'm mute, so I can't talk. But I can take orders and do everything that needs to be done.

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I can vouch for her, I've played with NAACP before and she can handle her own. All in all, she's a good all around player. Definitely would be a great asset in any Heist group.

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The Bumble Bat

Hey you should join me n my brother my GT is The Bumble Bat we are doing heists now

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My GT is philhos.


Weekdays, I'm usually on from mid-to-late afternoon. Weekends, it depends. I'm on right now, but for not much longer.


Feel free to join and/or invite me. I just finished Series A today. I'm waiting to hear from Lester about the next one. Once I've hosted that one, I'll probably never host another one. Takes too long to get a group of randoms to join and none of my friends play GTA. :(

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Doctor Quinzel

I'll send you guys a Friend Request. Thanks for the replies! Hopefully we can get together and get some stuff going!



Hey you should join me n my brother my GT is The Bumble Bat we are doing heists now

I would've, but I was offline when you posted that and didn't see that until now! Sorry! But I'll send you a request too.

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