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Map textures fix


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The Lucky Mole

I recently stumbled upon the Original Vegetation topic of yours and I think I saw some textures overlapping with these. What textures should I keep?

Edited by BustaCJ
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13 hours ago, BustaCJ said:

I recently stumbled upon the Original Vegetation topic of yours and I think I saw some textures overlapping with these. What textures should I keep?

Please read, from the opening post:

The files that overlap with SA Vegetation Original Quality have got the vegetation textures merged into the new *.txd-s


So the new *.txd-s being the fixed ones, you should use the fixed ones over the vegetation ones.

Edited by YOEL_44
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  • 3 weeks later...
On 6/28/2019 at 11:50 PM, BustaCJ said:

Hello grand texture fixer! Is this tree normal ?

  Reveal hidden contents



Texture-wise, seems to be, yes.

If I'm understanding it correctly the bug you're pointing here is the fact that the palm is completelly black, that's a prelight bug, you might wanna try fixed vegetation vertex by d3jan or other model bug fixing mods, most probably someone has already taken care of it.

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  • 3 months later...

could we have some of the ps2 textures with PC quality? beafron2_law2 (pay n spray sign and wall with graffiti, which also is on the shutter03LA.txd) sw_fact01 (for the shady industries sign) and chicano10_lae (for the wall with the los vagos graffiti) ?

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  • 2 weeks later...

ernestin1 did some fixes using PS2 textures and added my fixed shadow for Santa Maria Beach safe house, fixed barber and a fan shadow, also fixed compression for LOD textures (as so I already fixed all other textures compression, but for some reason I didn't fix the LOD ones).

I'm keep posting some unofficial releases here:


If you want to make it official, feel free.

Edited by Junior_Djjr
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 months later...

I don't know if there is already some work in progress, but I edited the mod anyway.

  • Fixed missing mipmaps and wall texture in Santa Maria Beach (bug from last update).
  • Fixed Wheel Arch Angels windows missing textures.
  • Fixed props missing textures in Michelle's house. This is more lore friendly than Beta Leftovers Fix, because it just fixes missing textures instead of recreating the model. So, this is what is originally supposed to be.





There is some better resolution version of bobobillboard1? Maybe try to recreate it if valid. Other BOBO's billboards are similar but with "zoom in" and different dirt.

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Fixed pizza sign texture. Originally it showed 5$ which is wrong, beacuse the food costs 2$.








EDIT forgot about the download link. Download

Edited by kebi
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