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The problem with the drawing of objects in VC


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Hi guys! There is a problem that I can not decide for several days. More specifically, it is a problem with the drawing of the models in the game. For clarity, I propose to see video http://youtu.be/faDH-DZ0diU

I have laid on a map of about 1000 objects (pieces of landscape of trees and LOD to them). As seen in the video, drawing many objects begins to fail, they just simply disappear for a while, and can sometimes appear right in front. This does not happen in all areas of the map, and at different scales, but most often, this happens when the picture is visible region with the largest number of objects. In general, I tried all the display settings in the game, tried all the executables, changed the view distance, change the settings limit ajuster 1.0 and 2.0, etc., etc. Absolutely no changes. The second problem that I just can not decide which is double-sided drawing polygons (backface culling). At SA is easily solved flag ide, unlike the VC. One person from our Russian forum advised me to put IIItoVC.asi, but it had no impact on the situation, and he recommended patch exe to backface cull converter Majestic VCS, which also failed. Generally, individually, all these methods are useless, but with patched exe coupled with asi IIItoVC problem half solved. But now backface is not working properly, and the back side of the polygon is visible only at certain angles, other angles it still persists, which also demonstrated at the end of the video.

P.S trees were imported from SA with the kam's plugins, and export in the vc produced using these plug-ins.

I'm waiting for tips "experienced" rw modders, I hope you will help me to correct this situation.

And sorry for the bad translation, but I think that the situation is clear))

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part of .ini file of my limit adjuster for GTA SA:


[RENDERER LIMITS]; Invisible entity pointers (150)#Invisible entity pointers = 150; Visible super LOD pointers (50)#Visible super LOD pointers = 50; Visible LOD pointers (1000)#Visible LOD pointers = 1000; Visible entity pointers (1000)#Visible entity pointers = 1000[VISIBILITY LIMITS]; Alpha list limit (20)#Alpha list limit = 20; Alpha boat atomic list limit (20)#Alpha boat atomic list limit = 20; Alpha entity list limit (200)#Alpha entity list limit = 200; Alpha underwater entity list limit (100)#Alpha underwater entity list limit = 100; Alpha really draw last list limit (50)#Alpha really draw last list limit = 50
I could implement these limits for GTA VC too.




You should try openLA: http://gtaforums.com/topic/736512-iiivcsa-open-limit-adjuster/

I think it will have these limits hacked.

Edited by fastman92
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You should try openLA: http://gtaforums.com/topic/736512-iiivcsa-open-limit-adjuster/

I was told openLA does hack these limits.

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