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[X360] Full Pacific Bank, Crew gets full profit.


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I will be doing Pacific Bank but been wanting to test out this competitive game I thought up.


The cut will start at 10/30/30/30.


Every time someone dies in a setup mission, they lose 5% which is given to the lowest cut that is not them.


When 2 percentages are the same and there is percentage to be given from someone else's deaths, who ever gets the highest badges at the end of the mission gets it.


Since I start with 10%, the crew gets 2 free deaths from that 10%


If we get to the Heist Finale with no or 1 deaths, my remaining percentage is given to who ever got the best score in badges.


Platinum +3

Gold +2

Silver +1

Bronze +0


Current percentages will be posted here after every set up.

Only deaths will be counted.

Difficulty will be hard.

Player Saved Outfits will be on when possible.



Will start when I get the players and in around 2 hours from this post.


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i would love to join next time you do it. im a little busy tonight but would love to try it out next time. GT: Pwnisher115

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Will start inviting people to a private session to see who is online. When I get 3 the heist starts.


Seems I already have Pwnisher115 for next time I try it.


Gamertags that want to join are:





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Zombie will be free in around 25 minutes. The other 2 didn't reply when I asked if they were on.


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I love the idea man! Everytime I do this with randoms I get some stupid person who goes in 1v100 lol. GT:KillerBiant ill give it a try if you got any spots open

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