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PS3- Any Petty Criminals out there?


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I miss petty crime, the days when I didn't have 10 expensive cars to sell off for money, when I could only afford the basics and when it was worth stealing an SUV to sell because of the money I got out of it. I like that, grimey gaming.


If anyone fancies possibly starting rank 1 characters, and focussing on robbing shops, mugging pedestrians and stealing cars to get by - that'd be awesome. Thinking of making a crew for it, make the game feel smaller and less 'saints row' with all the military hardware flying about.


It's got novelty to it and makes the game seem fresh. I spent maybe 2 hours doing this yesterday, and it was the most fun I'd had on GTA for ages now. I've completed all the heists, I could walk a baby through them all - but can't be bothered hosting them because I have only 2 reliable other players who don't have their heads up their asses.


Some petty crime + realistic playing I've been doing that's somehow brought energy back to the game.


1- no evidence:

Avoiding all possible traces being left behind. Using only stolen cars to get by to avoid your own vehicle being impounded. trying to avoid alarms and spending time escaping on foot and finding fast ways to avoid the law after a petty-heist on a shop. Burning stolen vehicles that have been seen by police when it needs to change.


2- Basic weapons:

I've been using only the knife, and a combat-pistol with a suppressor on it. I attack people in the street sometimes, but try to make it when they're alone to avoid the police catching up with me.


3- Heat Avoidance:

If I die by police, I fail. If I die by mistake I fail. If police catch me I fail. If I have to escape in my own car, I fail. They have my reg now, that means in reality I'd be done for once they trace it back to my apartment. I wear a mask, for the crimes and take it off when out of view. I wear gloves to avoid finger prints.



Yes, I am one hell of a nerd player on this and I have absolutely no damn shame about it. :D

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I have been waiting for someone to say this for a long long time.I like doing a lot of random stuff like that but it seems all my friends want to do is get into street fights



My name is frog_farmer, add me

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