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HUD Not Appearing Glitch

Elder Maxson

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Elder Maxson

Anyone else experiencing a glitch, mostly during heist missions, when the HUD doesn't appear for about 30 from the start of the mission?


I'm on Xbox 360 btw.

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that a loading issue, sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes for it to load.

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Yeah. I had a mission where nothing ever loaded. We ended up killing ourselves a bunch of times. It would just respawn us over and over.


But yeah it's not just you.

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That sh*t happens to me alot of time, mostly in heist missions. It is annoying as sh*t.

Well, I've find a little solution that may fix it ( 50% ).

If the HUD doesn't load for you in the mission, press the button to show the Quick/Interaction Menu and scrolling for few time and press Quick GPS, choose random destination and repeatedly do it again and again, after like 5 tries, it will maybe pop up the HUD.

This worked for me 7/10. This HUD loading is just suck. Hope Rockstar will fix this damn thing because I don't know where to f*cking go lol. Gotta exit the game and risk getting a bad sport warning.

Edited by vincentdang002
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Yes on PS4.
i played the fleeca job with no mini map but luckily i knew all the destinations, the random i was playing with was like wtf?? how do we know where to go :panic::lol:

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