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(PS3) Mastermind Challenge


Recommended Posts


I am looking for 3 players who are willing to bear the blunt of such an collosal task. Here are the specifications and if you CAN join in please MSG in the topic.



Time - 5-6PM ( for yall working guys out der)

Live in the UK ( Not needed but would be very noice)

9+ hrs of gameplay (With hour long breaks to compensate)

Microphone ( Would be very handy. But due to me losing mine you wont need one but it would be great)

And last but not least........ BEING VERY PATIENT!


PS - When all chosen players are in the lobby we will decide what difficulty we can put on during the challenge. Here are pros and cons of each.


Easy Pro's - Able to do the challenge easily.

Cons - Less pay overall


Normal pros - Able to do the challenge and still have one mistake with decent pay

Cons - Less pay overall


Hard pro's - Able to gain the highest amount of pay overall

Cons - Most difficult


( On a side note if losing lives count as dying and messes up the mission HARD will be chosen defaulty. Mostly with 40,20,20,20 pay so I can fund them)


So if you ARE up to the challenge and you are available tommorow frifay 5-6 PM please add - Audrey786


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Come on guys. I want to be able to do this challenge. Send me the PSN id's.

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Come on guys. I want to be able to do this challenge. Send me the PSN id's.

I will add you now

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Actually. I will set this up tommorow. I cant do it today. Very sorry for the delay. The challenge WILL be done though.

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