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PS4 - Madrazos Minute Men - AA/PvE/PvP


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Madrazo has a reach that extends into every nook of this city and you are among many in his network of contract killers. You may find yourself alone fighting wave after wave of enemies in the desert... You may need to capture or hold an item but have no team. Maybe your outgunned in a 3v1 deathmatch. Whatever the scenario may be never find yourself alone when looking for co-op during a mission or any of the game modes. If you're on a job and require assistance message the network and a gun will fill the slot. If you're a part of the network you're expected to join where help is requested.


This is a gunplay focused crew on the PS4 with attention on Missions, T/DM, LTS, Capture, Survivals and adversary. At this time i am the only member and im not focused on heists right now but if we get big enough that can change. I literally made this crew specifically for people like myself who want to play many of the game modes but continally get empty lobbies. Id like to explore the idea where the only thing a group of contract killers have in common is their involvement in Madrazos index of on call killers. Id like to invest a lot of time into the lore of this crew and see where role play could fit into our overall gameplay while we complete the various missions, survivals, captures etc.


There is no true leader and rank doesnt really matter since you're just a name and number on a list. It could be fun shaping our characters under Medrazos rule while doing jobs. Right now i just want to build the numbers and see where RP can fit in. So please join if this sounds like fun!



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