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(XB1) LS Wolfhounds PMC


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The LS Wolfhounds is a crew that has been alive since summer of 14, led by a veteran, and full of mature people. Unlike other pmc's we keep the drama at the door. I've tried being in multiple pmc's and learned from their mistakes.


We are currently getting the wolfhounds up and running on the Xbox one version as most wolfhounds remember the countless hours spent destroying other crews on 360.


We are not looking for the best of the best, just people that have loyalty. I'm an extremely easy person to get along with and mostly everyone else in the crew is to.


Currently have no allies and one enemy (academi) on the Xbox one version but would love some of both.


We require you to have a little money set aside to get military gear for uniforms. (If not don't worry we'll do a heist together) Also looking for potential members that will strive in the crew and become leaders and help lead the war to take down the big pmc's currently in gta.


We will become the best, and earn the respect of anyone who stands before us.


My Gamertag is Mikevh21 please message me with any questions you have.


Social Club link:



Edited by mikevh21
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Damn that was fast, thanks for responding so quickly. I might wanna join are you on Xbox One now?

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Yessir you can join my party

Now 32

Posts merged. Please don't double post.

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merged double posts
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I really like this crew it's fun and pretty chill, and we got an meeting with Academi on Saturday!

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Yes anyone that wants to join the meeting make sure to be on at 6 central time saturday, any new recruits wanting to join this is an exciting opportunity make sure to join now!

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Ive also been in a well known crew ( Academi ) that was also ran by a immature adolescent that would only go into invite only sessions and only do TDMs with his own crew to bump stats. During security and escort contracts it would be in invite only. Who needs security or an escort in an invite only session. We do not fear being beat by other crews . We will learn from each other and train together to improve our skills. TEAMWORK, COOPERATION, TACTICS, and UNITY. To beat the best you have to be the best. See you in the battlefeild.

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I couldn't have said it any Better ^


Message mikevh21 or Hammers198 if you're interested in being in a legit pmc.

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And that is exactly why we are at war with academi. I don't know why anyone would be apart of his crew.

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You guys have no chill...


This obsession that you have with APMC is just creepy, grow up.

Edited by TristanAnderson
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