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The Fleeca Job Heist Guide [Ultimate Heist Guides]

Ghost XB

Recommended Posts

The Fleeca Job: Heist Guide

This is my first time making a Heist guide. Make sure to put any suggestions in the comments.
I will be making more heist guides on all 4 other heists in the near future.
Please, no hate.


The Fleeca Job is the first heist in GTA Online: Heists, and is the only one to require 2 players. The Heist requires you to rob The Fleeca Bank near Chumash and escape in a Karin Kuruma (Armored). After robbing the bank, you must drive to a bridge where Lester's Contact will pick you up with a Cargobob w/ Magnet Attachment.

The Fleeca Job - Scope Out:

This Setup requires you to drive to The Fleeca Bank and check the security as well as practice hacking with Circuit.
Hacker - Person sitting in the passengers seat of Lester's Car is deemed as Hacker. The Hacker will be trying out Circuit Breaker 2.0, a new hacking program Lester Created.

Driver - Person sitting in the driver seat of Lester's Car is deemed Driver. The Driver must drive to The Bank, then drive back to The Garment Factory. After driving back to the Garment Factory, the Driver and Hacker must get into the Declasse Granger and drive back to the Heist Leaders apartment. The Driver and Hacker can switch roles, or stay in the same roles when getting into the Granger.

The Objective of The Fleeca Job - Scope Out is to check out The Bank and get ready for the heist.

The Fleeca Job - Kuruma:

This Setup requires you to steal the Karin Kuruma (Armored) needed for the heist from a gang in Del Perro.

There are no specific positions in this Setup. Both players need to kill all enemies at the Multistory Car Park and steal the Kuruma, then drive it back to the Garment Factory. The less damage on the Kuruma, the higher the pay.

The Objective of The Fleeca Job - Kuruma is to steal the Karin Kuruma (Armored) needed as the getaway vehicle in the heist from the gang, then deliver it back to Lester at the Garment Factory.
Possible Reasons of Failing:
Kuruma is destroyed.

The Fleeca Job - Finale:
The Finale of The Fleeca Job. In the Finale you finally get to rob the bank and get the payout from the bank.

Driver - The Driver has to drive to the Bank while the Hacker hacks into the Bank's network. At the bank the Driver has to do crowd control and make sure that the civilians in the bank (and tellers) don't activate the alarms. When the Hacker gets the money, the Driver must drive the Kuruma from the bank to the bridge under Fort Zancudo (sorry I don't know the name). At the bridge the driver must position the Kuruma directly under Lester's Contact's Cargobob, which has a magnet attached to it. If the driver does this correctly, the magnet should hook to the Kuruma and the heist ends. If not done correctly (driver reaches end of the bridge without being connected to the Cargobob) the heist will fail.
Hacker - The Hacker has to Hack into the Banks networks as the driver drives to the bank. The hacker must pass through 3 Circuit Breaker 2.0's and then open the vault door. At the bank the Hacker must go to the vault and drill into the safe deposit box. This is considered the most difficult part of the heist, drilling the box. If done incorrectly the Drill will constantly overheat. After drilling into the Safe Deposit Box, the Hacker gets into the Kuruma with the driver and the driver completes the heist.

To successfully rob Fleeca Bank and getaway safely.
Karin Kuruma - $95,000 on Southernsanandreassuperauto's

Karin Kuruma (Armored) - $525,000 on Southernsanandreassuperauto's

Possible Reasons of Failing:
The alarms are activated by the bank tellers.

The Driver could not drive directly under the Cargobob.

The Kuruma explodes (not confirmed)
Cargobob does not spawn with a Magnet, causing the heist to fail.


- Make sure you have someone that is good at hacking as the Hacker so the heist is faster.

- When Drilling the Safe Deposit Box, try to not sharply push your left analog stick up. Slowly, smoothly push it up so that the drill does not overheat.
- If the Cargobob doesn't spawn with a Magnet, you may have to restart the Heist Finale.
- If you are the Driver, in the Finale make sure that you keep the civilians as intimidated as possible. If the alarm is triggered, the Heist automatically fails.

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Really , a guide for what is pretty much an introduction to how heists work . If someone needs a guide for the fleeca bank heist then they should never play a game again ever , you could of made a guide for a tougher heist which would be useful to people , you just wasted your time typing all that sh*te

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I know there are harder heists, I'm not an idiot. And I'm gonna make ones for the harder heists, I did this one first because its the first heist :\

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well you might like to add how it affects the Criminal mastermind achievements/loyalty/all in order.

that at the very least, would peak others interest, than simple help for those that do not know, a single thing

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If you plan on making a complete heist guide, be sure to include payout info, objectives, etc and highlight any potential glitches you can run into.

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