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(PS3) Deathmatch Players


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Anybody from the content creator section will know me by now, I play and review other users DMs aswell as making my own maps with a preference for deathmatches.


Problem is when I do get enough players on a job is that one or two players will be wearing Bulletproof Helmets even on my pistol maps and R* doesn't feel the need to give the host an option to toggle them on/off for some reason and the result of that is that the fairness of a DM can be thrown out the window by just one player keeping his helmet on.


I message players wearing them during the job telling them to remove their helmets and usually take a kill or two doing so, which messes the scores up and also has little effect.



So what I'm looking for is people who are up for doing some FAIR decent DMs often, not owned+pickup DMs that last 30mins either, only decent custom jobs too for a breath of fresh air from the endless gunk from your average creators "RP" jobs and R*s maps that have been exhausted


It will be...


- Forced+Pickups mostly

- 10 mins max (Often with a Kill Limit)


- No racial slurs


If anybody's interested message me on here or RSC or PSN if you don't have an account on this site or don't have messaging privilages yet. PS- Don't send me a blank friend request on PSN either as it will be deleted!

Edited by TheMckeever
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  • 3 weeks later...

What time do you usually get on and play McKeever.


Always interested in joining you for some games of free aim deathmatch.


Get a ps4 soon m8, I can't promise no racial slurs, I might call you a Scottish c*nt a few times... :p

Edited by Free Aim Jesus
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I play after 6pm most days. Sometimes earlier!


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Good to play with u again Mckeever. Wish I coulda stayed longer. Great maps today. I bookmarked all of them. Hope to see you out there soon.

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