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Has anyone come across the AFC players?


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So as you know in RR you only need one person to complete it really and the other three are just there for the fun so if someone goes AFC you don't really care...


But recently i swear people think going AFC in heists will still earn them money! so annoying its unreal.


Anyone had a similar experience?

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that's why you play heists with friends or crew members. fyi IGN or MP3 is not a "legit" crew.

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If I saw anyone doing that I'd leave after the inevitable fail. I'm not going to do someone else's work in heists at all.

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I thought you were talking about professional football players that play on the American Football Conference side of the NFL.


I know AFK is techincally wrong, but I think we should still use it. Many programs still use a image of a floppy desk to indict "save".


EDIT: On to the topic, I haven't ran into this during a Heist.

Edited by Chamber53DV
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There will always be trolls online, but in a heist it's not beneficial to anyone, not even for the sh*ts and giggles. I've not come across anyone that asinine And if you let someone troll you while your breaking the bread, you need your head examined. Quit the heist and cut the dead weight.










This topic is dead in the water..

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Yes, I have. It was on the Prison break heist setup where you have to steal the bus. 3 of us were driving to it, then realised that one guy was AFK. After stealing the bus he gets a wanted level and because he wasn't active he got killed. Next try we build him into a stack of cars minimizing the chances of him being hit, still died. Then we posted one guy with the AFK'er to defend him from the cops, still died.


And then we quit.




Besides that I've been semi-forced to do the Emp-delivering stealth mission alone. Still not sure what that was about. I was with two French guys on the mic and a lowlevel. We got to the Lab and then nobody got out. It was my first time playing this setup so I didn't really understand if it was intentional or not, but I got my Metal Gear Solid on and cleared the era with just my Silenced pistol. It was sort of a reversed AFK situation I guess with only one active player. Felt really good about myself after that mission, though.

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that's why you play heists with friends or crew members. fyi IGN or MP3 is not a "legit" crew.

IGN isn't even a "legit" site no more.

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Hard to tell if they are AFK or they got sick of waiting in the lobby but rather than leaving, they stayed just so the host has a number and missed the mission.


Most setups don't need the full 4 players so I can let it slide but not in the heist finale.

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