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CIA Role play ( Recruiting)


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Are you looking to join The CIA? Are you looking for the most realistic feeling clan out there? Then You found the crew for you! We have many positions available for all sorts of players!




- Special Agent ( goes under cover getting Intel on where a bouts of a wanted enemy or group, Spys on enemy or groups to find out their routine and how they function. )


- Investigator ( finds out who our target is, whether its another clan that is breaking the laws or an individual that must be brought to justice )


- SOG/SAD ( is the CIA special Operations group who takes action on enemy groups or individuals. Also certified Special Agents)


- Undercover Agents ( These agents will be unknown to anyone outside our group, they will not be attached directly to us. Instead they will join the group of the enemy on which we are seeking and pretend to be a team member but in reality they are getting information to cross back over to us. Once the mission is complete they will be assigned to a new group and repeat. )


How do you join?


First you must meet the basic requirements:


- play on Xbox 360 ( xbox one coming soon)


- Have a mic ( or obtain one within a week of joining )


- Be active ( or you will be discharged )


- be mature ( this is a role playing group so stay in character! )


Meet the basic requirements? Good contacts me at ciadivison1 at g mail dot com

In your email please state the following:




-Gamer tag:


-Whether or not you meet basic requirements. ( if not let me know what you are missing and ill help you out)


- Location:


- Position interested in


- Rank


- Give me your opinion on your skill level from a scale 1-10 ( this will be tested at basic Training. *** Anyone interested in SOG/SAD must complete Advanced Training )


- Give me an estimate on how often you play a week


- Cash amount


- weapon of your choice ( primary and a secondary )


Once you have contacted me and meet basic requirements i will contact you on when your basic training began depending on the position you picked.






- Pilot


- Parachute ( SOG/SAD Mandatory )


- Search and rescue ( SOG/SAD Mandatory )


- Advanced Marksmanship ( SOG/SAD Mandatory )


- Advanced Grenade and C4 Training ( SOG/SAD Mandatory )


- Advanced Driving/ Drive by ( SOG/SAD/ Special Agent Mandatory )


- Underwater Demolition ( SOG/SAD Mandatory )





Your uniform will depend on the position you chose, Don't worry i will allow plenty of room for personal preferences.




-Players must always stay in character to their role!


- No killing each other!


- No killing civilians while in role


- Be and play Nice to other team mates!






- I would go to gun range frequently because your marksmanship will be tested there


- Practice swimming underwater to build lung capacity


- Do a lot of races to perfect your driving


- Run a lot to build stamina


- sneak around to increase stealth


-Arm wrestle to build strength



*** If you have any tips or ideas that might make this crew better and more in your favor by all means contact me and let me know!**


Crew page on social club http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/cia_division_1


not trying to promote it but showing those who want to see pics ( which arnt many and stats which arnt many yet but hope to change soon with the help of you guys (: )

Edited by AiirXCrazii
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