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need 3 players for heist


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I'll keep this concise. I'm looking for 3 players to do all four heists after the fleeca job; already completed fleeca job with my buddy. Here are some key things I'm looking for:

-Mature players with rp rank over 65 ***The reason I say over 65 is because I myself have rp rank of 67 or 68 and I started playing gta 5 online late, the reason being, I lent the game to my cousin after I beat the single player on October 2013. So, my cousin had the game since Oct '13 - Feb '15. Also, I tried playing online mode, but I was too many glitches on it was released so I lent it to him***

-Preferably players on est timezone as I am from Toronto Canada

-use ethernet connection please or have a strong wifi connection

-all players MUST have a mic

-This is a long shot but let's see: Since heists have been out for a week, I'm looking for players who have ONLY DONE THE FIRST HEIST! Reason is because I want all of us to not know or what to expect from the other 4 heists. If one guy has already done all heists then he'll know what to do, and how to get through the mission. I want these missions to be spoiler free for all of us.

-preferably playing at night after 7pm or so. Let me know what your schedule is like.

-Again, mature players only, I don't wanna hear music playing in the background, kids screaming, dogs barking, etc. Please be over 25 or close my age 30 years old. I'm a good player and won't do anything careless to screw up the bonus; willing to take my time completing these heists.

I think that's it. I'll update if I forget anything.


for ps3

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