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Design a heist


Recommended Posts

THE GOAL: Rob the Casino. Escape on a ferry.


SETUP 1: Tail a Casino employee and steal his uniform and ID badge. Bring to Lester.

SETUP 2: Obtain the vault transportation schedule. You want to hit the Casino when the money in the vault is being prepared to be transported to a bank.

SETUP 3: Aquire a tunnel bore. This will be used to enter the Casino- you won't be able to enter it with the equipment you need.

SETUP 4: Aquire the charges needed to blow the dam. They are being transported by cargobob- shoot down the cargobob while it's over the alamo, dive into the wreckage and recover the charges.

SETUP 5: Aquire the medium sized ferry. Bring it to Lester, and he will make modify it to make it much faster.

SETUP 6: Disable the security system without anyone noticing you. This is to avoid raising the alarm when you tunnel in through the ground.



THE HEIST: One person will walk into the casino as normal, and will give the signal when the vault is opened and emptied. The tunnel bore with the three others will then drill into the casino floor, and you will take the entire casino hostage. Load the vault money onto four of nine classic cars being shown off at the auto show- you will have to use eye judgement to see which are most valuable, the cars you take will affect the payout. Additionally, you can smash slot machines and take the money inside them.


Get into the cars and drive to the LS river. Drive down the LS river, and once you get to a certain point, Lester will detonate the charges that were set on the dam, and the full river will come crashing through, taking out the cops. Load the cars onto the ferry, and escape to the sea.





What are your own ideas for future heists? Or, do you think you can do a casino heist better than me?

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If rockstar would just add a mission creator , we could make our own "heists" since they are basically just 4-6 missions "tied" together. Could easily be done by creating 4-6 missions and making them into a playlist..... and name it heist.... but thats just dreaming there i guess since they seem to not be wanting to add a mission creator

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Retired Mafia

it would be awsome to have an inside job in the casino!


i've made a lot of plans for heists but they were on a note app on my old phone. now they're burried somewhere in the 140 pages of my crew topic..

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Nice one. I want to see q heist with maze bank. I hope they will add new heist every month with new patchs

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Nice one. I want to see q heist with maze bank. I hope they will add new heist every month with new patchs

SETUP 1: Get explosives

SETUP 2: Get explosives

SETUP 3: Get explosives

SETUP 4: Get explosives

SETUP 5: Get a helicopter

SETUP 6: Setup explosives all over downtown


Step 1: Go to Maze Bank

Step 2: Rob that sh*t

Step 3: Go to the top of Maze Bank

Step 4: Jump off the top of the bank, then, as you fall down, pull the parachute, then a guy with the heli picks you up, then you blow up the explosives as you fly away from Downtown


Boom michael bay

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