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4 Person requirement can be a bit annoying


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If you're like me and not have all the time in the world to enjoy GTA heists, or have 3 other friends that are online at the same time for about an hour and half to do a heist, chances are you haven't done much with heists yet either. I've managed the first one, and purely because it was a 2 person heist and me and my buddy who usually play together did it together.

I know you can play with random people too if you wish to do so, and that's a great option to have. But is anyone else like me and hoping that in the future any new heists will have from 2 players and up. The heists themselves happen in mission settings and not in the open world itself with other players blasting their way along the map so even NPC's to fill in the gap couldn't really be completely ruled out, even if it meant a reduced payout and RP to balance things.


I get that it's all about playing these together, but me and my best buddy just generally play together most nights, so it would be nice to have these missions adapted also for just 2 people, much like the tutorial Fleeca job. We're both 30, and we would much rather not have to resort to inviting randoms who are probably the age of 12 and 13 trying to be our friends on PSN for the heist.

Thoughts? Anyone else in a similar situation?


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Some of the heists can easily be pulled off with 2 people. I think the cut scenes are simply not made for it.

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I didn't like the idea of playing with randoms, but unless you're a total douche it really isn't hard to make new friends and form a small crew.

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I get that, I just don't want new friends lol

This isn't bitching that Rockstar should change what's there, like I'm sure some will interpret it, it's more of a 'I hope Rockstar make 2 person heists available in future.'

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well , it's a heist

teamwork is essential for this , without of it , your heist will lead into failure

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I just find it annoying how you have two other people with you, waiting for a third and they don't have the patience to wait a few minutes for somebody to show up. Then once they go.... third appears

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Yawn - what a typical response!

I'm not saying they should only allow 2 people. I'm saying I'm hoping in the future as they continue to expand GTAO, they cater for the group of people like myself who general play with just one other friend online, with smaller mission like jobs, like the Fleeca one.

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Agree op im in the same boat as you,why not have them so you can hire 2 npc as the 3rd and 4th player im sure they could get this to work.

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Agree op im in the same boat as you,why not have them so you can hire 2 npc as the 3rd and 4th player im sure they could get this to work.

NPC are not smart as players especially in stealth mission , protecting , piloting a fighter jets , etc

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Op has a point in some of those missions split into 2 groups, which have no effect on each other and could easily be separate 2 player missions.

However 4 player heists are here to stay, so instead do something about it.


Add your gamertag to the free agents thread and reply and send out invites to hundreds of people looking for people to play with. When your online, join random heists and your bound to come across decent people to add to your friends list and eventually your list will grow.

You could also join a large active crew and join a live free roam session. This way you increase your chances of invites or hosting your own heist.

As the weeks go on, more and more people will become better at heists where it won't even matter if you have friends to play with or even a mic.

Edited by TarnishedGamer
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People used to complain about not having things to do with other players besides kill each other...

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Most of the setups can be done with less than four people. If they decreased the obligatory quantity of players to start most of the setups, I'd have a much better time playing with randoms when none of my friends are available.

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I havn't been playing heists much because of a number of problems like this. I like doing missions and survivals with randoms but I find it annoying doing heists, there is so little communication and nobody trusts anybody or someone starts trying to shoot the other members or just starts wasting time. I found one good random and did the fleeca heists but couldn't complete the actual job because of the missing magnet glitch, we did it 3 times with the same result so we game up. To add to this my xbox connection is random so I have been hesitant to play with randoms. I can play for an hour or so and then lose my connection and if I am in the middle of a heist everybody thinks I just left.

I really need to make more friends.

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if the jobs were complex and demanding enough that they were impossible without 4 players that would be different, but they're not. there is absolutely no reason why 2 players can't (for example) goto a police station then to the docks.


as far as i see it the extra players merely increase the odds of failure through incompetence or outright trolling. eg: the other night i and a random went to the docks and stole a car then lost the cops only to be informed that the other players had been killed. Heist Failed.

Edited by dorcy
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