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Calling all the cool kids…who are still kickin’ a PS3. We want YOU&#3


Recommended Posts

Warning: This is a recruitment thread sponsored by the KY Red Devils crew for GTA V on PS3.


Rockstar Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ky_red_devils


Whether you’re chasin’ the checkered flag, fighting to stay alive in Survival, rackin up kills in Deathmatch, or teaming up to complete Missions and Heists… Red Devils play to win!!


Wanted: Super BAMF top gunners with ferocious jungle spaz-tactic-cat reflexes. Fast-action heroes and heroines (female heroes) with the thirst for blood money and the hunger for RPs.




- Team-minded-ness is a must. If you want to be the Lone Ranger, then go back to single player… We ride together.

- Comm is a must. Mics required. The big box stores sell Bluetooth headsets for less than $30. Order one online for $15 (shipping included). Get a mic! No excuses.

- Stone cold killers only. Lame ducks will be poked fun at until we hear them crying in their headsets.

- Preferred candidates will have good jokes to tell the rest of the crew during the excessively long load periods that showed up with the recent Heists updates.




Red Devils MC is an equal opportunity crew. We do not discriminate on account of your race, ethnicity/origin, sex, gender/orientation, age or religious/spiritual affiliations. We even accept ugly people, fat chicks, the sexually frustrated, alien hybrid humanoids, bald dudes, toothless people, the homeless, and recovering alcoholics. :-)


No douchebags, jerk-offs, haters, tools, losers, numbskulls, speed freaks, a-holes, a-bags, a-hats, d-heads, d-faces, mugwumps, carpetbaggers, crankies, meaners, stinkers, scalawags, traitors or cowards. :-)


You wanna ride with the Devil? He's been waiting...


Just sign up!!! KY Red Devils is an “open” crew on GTA V online for PS3. Sign up, Meet up, and Dominate!


You must present your BAMF registration card upon entry. No exceptions.

Edited by CatManDo
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Is this mainly an RP crew?


Hey Bradster! Thanks for stopping by!


Mainly, yes. RP... Cash... And the conspicuous consumption of all the shiny stuff made available by our benefactors at Rockstar North.


Also... Achievements, Awards, Trophies, Bragging Rights and "demo moment" Glory.

Edited by CatManDo
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Will there be a-lot of a*s kicking?


What's up Assassin!


Short answer: Yes

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