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Official Heist Ideas Topic

Ghost XB

What Types of Heists do you want most?  

5 members have voted

  1. 1. What Heists Do you want Most?

    • Bank Heist
    • Merryweather Heist
    • Government Heist (FIB Heist like Humane Labs Raid)

Recommended Posts

What are some heists ideas you want to see in GTA? Make sure to leave a Heist name and a description and such.

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They did well recreating that job from the film Heat, they would do well to do the same with other popular films. They could get some good ideas from The Town too.

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Commander S

How about something different still - and linked to the Casino, or the Maze Bank Arena? Something a bit 'Ocean's 11', where it's less about armed robbery, and more distraction, hiding in plain sight (using disguises), and all four people doing different simultaneous tasks to pull off the robbery.

Star Trek: DS9 did a great riff on that - one of the crew faked being a janitor to get to the safe, while someone else provided a distraction by starting an tiff with security, while another posed as a waitress and slipped something into the guard's drink to get him to hurl... That sort of thing would make for a great set piece to finish with - lots of big, cinematic flair, something different to all the other heists thus far (including the single-player ones), open up some new city locations, and even throw in some new suits/dresses and uniforms on top (and for practical reasons this time!). :)

Granted, I'm just partial to that whole era/vibe anyway - and that DS9 ep. automatically gets a free pass for the gratuitous-but-totally-cool vocal number in the nightclub at the end:

'Lounge Lizard' DLC confirmed? :pp


Edited by Cmdr_Shepherd
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Sentinel Driver

1. FIB/IAA Heist. You break into FIB/IAA building and steal some secret files or something like that kinda like bureau raid

2.Car Heist. You steal expensive cars kinda like in the single player (maybe this heist could unlock jb700 with weapons?)

3. Military Heist. Steal a secret military project from Fort Zancudo like the jetpack? (would make a good san andreas reference)

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