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GTA Online - Persistent "Network Error"


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Before anybody says I have to allow 'X' ports and enable UPnP (which by the way is a very bad service to enable if you care about security), allow me to reassure you that GTA Online was working perfectly before the Heist update. Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, Forza, and a whole other bunch of games work perfectly with my NAT type being moderate.


I understand that this is of course Rockstars' problem. It could either be their poor servers, or their network code, or both, who knows. They need to get their act together. I have not heard anything from them on the "newswire" or Twitter, or forums, or anywhere that they might crop up about these issues that the majority of people playing the game are experiencing.


It's no good just brushing over the major problems in the game with a few fancy missions and cars and expecting everyone to just forget about the bugs that make the game almost unplayable. Granted single-player works fine, as well as solo online, but I paid £55 for the full game, not just the parts that work.


Rockstar said on Twitter a few days ago that "full services have been restored" and that the game is "back to normal". Have they played their game, I mean in a consumer's environment? I don't think "full services" entails persistent error messages.


Microsoft released an update for the Xbox One a few days ago as well which didn't seem to help, not that I was expecting Microsoft to clean up Rockstars' mess. Rockstar also released an update for GTA a few days ago which actually made it worse (this was after they Tweeted that full services had been restored). At first I thought it was an accident, that they didn't intend to release an update that clearly made the game function worse, but it turns out they did intend to release it. Then I thought, maybe they'll give us some patch notes so we know what issues they addressed... Nope.


Rockstar you are breaking the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. Your product is not of satisfactory quality. It is not fully functional and it is not fit for purpose. You clearly state the Online aspect of the game and promote it as a social epic of this era but it does not work as you state it does. You need to provide me and anybody else who cares, with either a refund, repair or replacement. Only two of those options are of any use since a replacement would do absolutely nothing.


Repair the game, or refund me.

Edited by fragcast
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All of this, 100%. Playing on Xbox 360; game was working fine even after I DLed heists, until the 1.22 update which has pretty much destroyed everything. Time out errors, "return to GTA V" errors, other session errors, freezing on load screen after a heist mission (setup or otherwise); and what's with me starting a job as a host, only to be replaced as host as soon as I land on the set-up screen (when I can connect, that is)? What is that all about? This game as become severely, severely damaged.


I must stress, however, that everything was fine before update 1.22, which I DLed today (Mar. 16, 2015) at about 2 PM PST.


BTW OP: citing the Sale of Goods Act = PHENOMENAL work. Love it.

Edited by SnipeShow_15
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