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How to play heists


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To use a headset is not very popular i think. I always seem the only idiot using those gears from ancient times. Other players doesn`t seem to need it.

Also, trhere is always a competition about who arrives first at the fighting area.

Is there maybe a way to snipe from a distance, or how about staying together in a shooting?

It`s like those people who don`t understand that air support comes first and floor troops as second.

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Look around this section here and try joining members who use mics and actually are aware of how to approach these set-ups and heists unlike the "Rambos" you're stuck with most of the time :)

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Elder Maxson

How I play heists:


-Go to planning room

-Start heist

-Wait for lobby to load up

-Lobby finally loads after 15 minutes of waiting

-Choose outfit

-Wait 3 minutes for someone else to choose outfit

-We finally play

-Start to drive towards our assigned objective

-Someone leaves the lobby within 20 seconds from start

-Heist cancelled


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From my understanding, people tend to leave when it starts... knowing what kind of bullsh*t their pullin in. Although how I play, is different, especially since my tall ass dad broke my headphones... As I was saying, I usually just bribe people to stay throughout the setup's and finale... :whistle: Then i split the money evenly making it seem like their getting a benefit lol. BUT ITS A WIN WIN :cool:

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90% of the time people leave, I agree with you about this, so try to play them with someone you know

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