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Pulling the LAN


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A few of us have a mutual GTAO friend who has a legit K/D of around 28.0. This player often sits in the construction site with a bounty on their head sniping other players. He's a nice guy, we all get along well and have fun. When he gets killed (by others, or us) he has began pulling out his LAN in an effort to protect his K/D. I feel this is beyond silly and we tease him about it until he sometimes rage quits.


Why take a K/D so seriously that you pull your LAN out in an attempt to protect it? Why not just enjoy playing the game and having fun with friends?



Edited by thebrianmo
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There's a kid on my friends list whose K/D is in the 300's. The funny thing is, he doesn't use god mode(at least with me). He's about level 500 or so. I can't ask him if he glitches though since he only speaks Spanish. Now that I think about it I'm not even sure why I added him.

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I'm going to run my LAN cable through a switch box with a footswitch so I can disconnect within 50 millseconds of getting killed or if any other bad things happen that could go on my permanent GTA0 record. Because I care that much. :p

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Maybe he just accidentally trips up over cable and its all an innocent misunderstanding


My kd is 124

Oh no missed the point 1.24

Edited by bruvs-mcfc
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Its not his fault, he just focuses so much on the game he forgets to pay the internet bill which conveniently cuts off the second he dies.

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if hes pullung his connection than his kd is not legit...


im a legit 3.54 kdr, i personally dont care about my kd ratio, so people praise me because i got the kdr and the "skills" to back them up, other simply call me a modder, god mode user bla bla bla


recently i was invited to a "elites" crew, the main requirement to be accepted in said crew is having a kd of 3, go below 3 and you get kicked out. i declined the offer because i simply dont care that much.


i have good days, i have bad days. there are days i can go 80-5 against 3 high levels, there are days i get killed repeatedly by low levels with their marksman rifles.


on things for sure, ill never rage quit and ill never pull my connection for some stat.

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