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what was the lowest % a host offered to pay you in heists?


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what was the lowest % did any host offer to pay you?

for me it was 5%.


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10 percent.


Douche wanted 60 and gave the remaining 30 to the others.

JohnXina - Discord Emojispacer.pngJohnXina - Discord Emoji

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Based God Cali

0% because the host said "ni**ers don't deserve money"





-_- really nigga

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0%. I only wanted to unlock the vehicles so it didn't bother me but sh*t was he selfish.

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Solid Scorpion

So far, 25%. Been lucky I guess.

Sure it won't be long till 0% becomes the norm.

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Dude change it from 20% to 5% on me and started the mission so I crashed his plane into the water.


Let that be a lession to all you greedy f*cks out there.

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20% when I play with friends. 0% with randoms because I don't play with randoms.



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In random matchmaking, I would accept 15% if the hosts werent such arrogant c*ckbaggers.

"hey, I really need cash and since you just joined, mind if I cut you in for 15%?" - Fine.

"FU you didn't do sh*t you only get 15 and not a single percentage more" - Call him a poor bottom-feeding boot licker and leave the session.

Edited by GrandReaping
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I haven't played with randoms yet but with my crew and friends, we usually equally distribute the money (25%) the first time.

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15% so far. If your getting low cuts You shouldn't quit at the start if he gives a low payout, wait til as far to the end as possible and than quit. This way they have to do everything all over again.

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I always host but the lowest I gave someone was 15%, however he requested a lower payout because he has enough money, otherwise I wouldn't go below 20%.

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A dude actually proposed to me that I hosted the heist and gave myself 0%. Does that count as negative %?

Edited by Juicyfer
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Maya Echo Visari

10% but I joined during the finale so I wasn't complaining.


I think if you help to get the finale unlocked then you should get a bigger cut, 'least 15% or above. 'Depending on your actions of course.


Not like it matters anyway if one hero thinks he/she should get paid 25% for not doing anything, quit and get everyone kicked back into the lobby. That's why I only host Heists with friends now. Heists with randoms is just bad news.

Edited by SevDoggX
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I've only been a Heist leader, but I don't understand how anybody can just give the whole cut to themselves.


I went 40, 20, 20, 20, and even then, I felt like an ass haha.

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You guys realize that the host only gets money at the end right? 15% is pretty good when you only do one round or even more than one round since you get money in every round.

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