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Need a Heist group?


Recommended Posts

What's up GTA community?!

I'm happy to announce that I have launched [Link Removed] for the GTA community to find other like-minded gamers to play Heists, Races and more together.

My goal is to provide a site to quickly make pre-made groups and find other players looking to do the same. For example, Heists are proving that you need a lot of coordination between players. Using GTALFG you can determine your own groups so you can achieve your goals and have a fun experience such as finding players with mics. I am also the owner/creator of DestinyLFG.com and it's provided tons of success to Destiny players to find and complete Raids.

To use the site, load up the page, click List Me and enter your info. Your name will be listed and others can then invite you through their console. You can also list in the comments that you are looking for more people to join your group and to message you for an invite.

Check out the Help page for more information on how to use the site.

And please spread the word! The more players the more it will be successful!

The site is also mobile optimized.

Please let me know your thoughts and feedback! I'll be evolving the site to help the GTA community.


Edited by ~Tiger~
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Destinys lfg.com is v popular, you dicks being rent'a'mods just move on if you don't like it....


The forums are messy and over "modded" so places like that are infact VERY handy and more efficient for finding a group!

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Advertising is not permitted here, it is against the forum rules.

  • No Advertising Promoting your website, YouTube channel or other service such as referral links by posting topics or PMing members (signature promotion is allowed)

This applies to all forms of advertising, even if the person posting does not benefit from the advertisement.

Advertising links removed and topic closed.

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