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Why 15% IS fair


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So just to clarify, I give 25% for all. I just completed all the heists and bagged a total of 2 million in bonus goodies!


The heist leader often fronts between 40 and 100k to fund the heist, this is already 15% of the cuts roughly 70k.

The leader does not get 25k or so EVERY prep mission either! Meaning they already miss out on a toatal of 100k for 5 prep jobs or so! To top it off, the players complain for 15%. Thats still nearly 200k with the first time bonus. 55% for the leader is most likely 300k average. 100k for loss on prep jobs and 100k for funding.


Why do people complain!?

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Only the last heist has the 100k funding. all the rest are 54k or less! You're just greedy!

I give 25% :) everyone is just broke ass hoes

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If at the end, after those corrections are made (and I've done the calculations, myself) if the leader gets ANY more money than anyone else I don't think it's fair.

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Not broke at all, I completed all the heists & bought everything, but if I'm helping someone else and it's not an even split I won't ready up.

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Nelson Van Alden

Just finished up the Prison break Heist and the leader cut us in at 15% each.


That's just being a douche

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as long as I am not cut below standard I am fine. I am willing to earn the better payment. I am after all an unknown gun for hire with plenty of fish out there competing- wait- LOL who am I kidding so many stupid people want to lead NO ONE gets to bloody play and then when you do some leader jack ass leaves because you ask for people to use mics so we can be better at the heists.

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I feel that 40/20/20/20 is fair. If one player performs exceptionally well through all the setups, I'd be inclined to go 35/25/20/20

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lol some people are just greedy.

Total up the how you get in NET profit and it should be the same 4 ways.

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so wait, you think you guys come to last haist and get 25% just for free laoding?

Host had to do ALL THE MISSIONS while you guys do only 1 mission and host gets no money for them only for the last Haist.

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"Waaaah I ONLY got to earn 100k from setup missions and now I'm only getting 15%? 200k is so low. f*ck you heist leader for paying for the heist,inviting us to the heist,doing 5 setup missions where you don't get payed a dime and inviting a greedy crybaby like me to your heist. I should be getting 400k!!!"

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I do 40/20/20/20. Also for every minute I'm made to wait for some random to ready up I -5% from their take which I then distribute around their crew mates.
That seems fair to me...even like this the host still doesn't make quite as much as everyone else.

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15% is fair laugh and quit yes, but fair payout? Hahahaha! And the initial cost argument by the way, it's another laugh, it's not like you are forced to always pay and be the leader, if it was the case, then yeah this could be a legit argument, but it's not, so no argument there, you pay fair, you pay 25%, 20% strict minimum, but 15% (the default crap) no thanks, it's a quit all the time for me, and for many others.

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But the leaders do get the bonus of saving their heist progress.


So... Yeah, I think the leader should also get the same as everyone else.

Edited by KifflomBroBro
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The Algerian

Even if the leader gets more money in the end on top of his investment back, it's only fair.

He's the one investing the money and taking the risk of loosing it if the team screws up.


People are so self-entitled nowadays.


Good thing I won't have to play heists with randoms.

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He's the one investing the money and taking the risk of loosing it if the team screws up.

Yeah...all dat e-money yo...big in the game

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I had to leave a couple of sessions yesterday due to greedy f*cking hosts being adamant about only giving the rest of us 15%. Let's be clear, this isnt an argument over 5%, it's over the fact that the host is a greedy bag of s*it with entitlement issues.

"well those who want more than 15% are broke asses". No, the host is. It's a matter of principle, if you want more than 40% then go grind some damn missions. Without a 4 man group you can't do the heist, respect your team and they will respect you. I'll never agree to 15% from a random.

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The fairest split is 40/20/20/20. It is not exact in regards to how much is made in total including set up pay, but it is way closer than 15 for crew and 55 for leader.


I'm planning on a split this way when it is my turn to host. I may adjust a little if someone joins for the main heist only but I doubt it.

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Just finished up the Prison break Heist and the leader cut us in at 15% each.


That's just being a douche

It's also the default cut the game sets, to compensate for the set-up fee and lack of cash in the set-ups. Let's do a little math here, shall we?

  • Leader pays 10% of the final reward (on Normal) to simply set up the heist so it can be played ($40,000 in this case).
  • Leader doesn't get the $19,000 (on Hard) the other three members get at the end of each of the four set-up missions (so that's a total of $76,000 missed out on, plus any money made on replays upon someone dying in those set-ups)
  • On Hard, the final reward is $500,000
  • The cut increment the leader can set is 5%

Leader (40%): 40% ($500,000) - 10% ($400,000) = $160,000

Leader (55%): 55% ($500,000) - 10% ($400,000) = $235,000

Member (20%): $76,000 + 20% ($500,000) = $176,000

Member (15%): $76,000 + 15% ($500,000) = $151,000

Increment (5%): 5% ($500,000) = $25,000


As you can see, the ONLY fair cut would be 40/15/15/15 (as balanced is closer to 15% than it is 20%), but since that only comes to 85%, someone needs to get "shafted." If anything, that 15% should go to the leader, as they have to go thru all the hosting process, but the decision ultimately rests in their hands, and whatever philosophy he/she follows. If you REALLY want things fair though, cuts should be based on which role everyone is (pilot and/or demolitions getting a smaller cut than the ground team (with the leader getting a base 25% to start from), although what those percentages would be, I have no idea).


Point is, you CANNOT complain if you get 15% if you're not hosting. Feel fortunate the host is so generous if you get 20% or more, as at that point, they are giving themselves the shaft.

Edited by JSwartz0181
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GTA Master 007

Leader deserves 55% because he was the only one who had to struggle and find 3 other dudes to do prep missions to reach the finale while the randoms get the easy ticket in

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I have to sit my ass for almost an entire day waiting for my team to fill up.

I have to pay the cost of the heist.

I have to play through all of the missions and not get a dime, while the others get money EVEN if they f*ck up.

I have to put up with kids bitching and whining because they want to be a pilot or a demolition and they suck at it.

I have to put up with greedy freeloading f*cks who "troll" if they don't get a 25% cut.

I did all of this. They didn't start the heist. They didn't set it up. They didn't have to go through the sh*t I did.


If they don't think 15% is fair when they just joined in the last heist without helping me at any point, they can f*ck off. My rule of thumb is that for every 2 setup missions they help in, they get a 5%+ with their base at 15%. Only if you helped me through all setups you'll get a 25%. Any less than that and you're lucky I'm giving you 15%.

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