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Heists Free Agents Topic [Xbox]

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Nero The Epic

Hi there, a friend and I are doing the :breadfish: Pacific Standard Heist :breadfish: glitch and need people who are online consistently. We are offering to pay out :cookie: good money :cookie: for players who prove their skill is worth the extra cash. All we really need are people that know what they're doing and can complete the heist quickly :ph34r: . Please message me if you're interested :D .


Xbox One


Nero The Epic (Rank 442)


Eastern Standard Time


15% to 25% payout



You should be able to make $1,000,000/hr with us if you're fast.



See you there...

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  • 1 month later...
sergant back

I need 3 players to do the series a funding heist setups and finale with me


My gamer tag is sergant back


I am level 106


Message me if interested

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  • 3 months later...
Nero The Epic


Nero The Epic

Rank 451

Are you Poor? Do you need money? Does it always feel, you can never afford the stuff you want? Well, worry no more!


You will be making a maximum of $187,500 each time you help us complete the Pacific Standard Heist. A good team can complete the heist in about 20 minutes. This amount does not include extra activities that will make you money.

Here are the requirements:

  • Have basic knowledge about the Pacific Standard Heist
  • Have an outfit with the Utility Vest (bullet proof vest)
  • Be willing to follow simple directions


Me and A friend need to make about $4,000,000 a day in order achieve a goal of $28,000,000 by Christmas. So, take part in this and make MONEY! Buy that car, house, or yacht you have always wanted!

What are you waiting for? Message me and get started!

Edited by CaesarTheEpic
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Xbox One

GT: DeadPhoenix86

Rank: 63


looking for a team to do heist with. have completed all heist on another platform, including criminal mastermind.

i do not have a mic, but i know how to complete each heist setup and final.

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