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Heists Free Agents Topic [Xbox]

Recommended Posts

Prison Break - Xbox One

Need three players to do this mission,


Mics is preferred, equal share.


Gamertag: CdotT1993


Send me a message.

Edited by TheC
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XBL Username - ANelson44

On Prison Break -Station Xbox One

Need 2 more for setup and hopefully continue to more heists.

Message me and I will invite to party. Mic please. Thanks

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Looking for 3 ppl with mics to do heists with for the next 4 to 5 hours xbox one message gt remixvr


Starting with series A

Edited by RemixVR
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Level: 241

Mic: Yes

Completed Heists:

Fleeca Job

Prison Job

Humane Labs

Preferred Roles:

Anything except helicopters

Will bring armored Karuma

also i have the humane labs ready to go if anyone has a group that wants to

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Xbox One


Need 1 more for Pacific Standard Job final Heist mission, must be good motorcycle driver and capable at Crowd-Control (no letting someone trigger an Alarm), payout will be $250,000


Message on Xbox preferably, GT Lucius Aelius

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Looking to host the prison break heist. Will pay everybody all equal amounts. My GT is 'Weekseey' send message if you wanna join! I'm lvl 104 too haha

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I'm looking for 3 players with mics to help me complete the "Series A Funding" Heists on the Xbox One. I don't care for the cash and will be taking a 0% Cut for the finale and evenly splitting the rest among who ever joins! If interested message me on xbox, my GT is aTk Pirate V2

Edited by aTk Pirate
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Looking for one more for Series A Funding.


Someone with a mic preferably.


GT: MyNameIsWigglez


Xbox One

Edited by MyNameIsWigglez
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Looking for heist buddies I'm a good player with a mic and will pay what is fair for your work! send friend request to get invited


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[Xbox 360] KingVee76
Location/Timezone - Canada, Eastern Time.

Mic? - Yes
Rank - 87/88

Completed Heists
- Fleeca Job
- Prison Job (don't mind doing it again if needed)

I'm looking for: a slow-paced group of guys that like to play smart...rather than the usual rushing through things, run'n'gun, get everything done before bedtime... Sim and RPGers are welcome.

I don't have any specific roles of preference. I'm an excellent land driver, and I know my way around LS and Blaine without using the map.

Default payout covers my services. Feel free to give me a bonus if you feel generous.

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Palaceer Lazaro

Platform - XBOX 360
XBL Username - Palaceer Lazaro
Any position but hacking isnt my forte

Level 232

Fully Equiped to cause havoc

Extremely careful when need be

Camper Extrodinarie

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Starting Series A Funding

Lvl 114. Heavily armed; proficient driver/pilot; mic'd up.


Completed Heists:



Humane Labs


Xbox One

Gt: funknginja

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Platform - XBOX 360
XBL Username - SSGTDoom
Any Role - comfortable in the game and do well at most things

Excellent Heli Pilot & Getaway driver - Armored Kuruma preferred vehicle

Mic equipped and having a mic is a must

Level 125+

All weapons & Upgrades

Tactical and Methodical

Buzzard & Tank purchased for support



Mastered Fleeca Bank

Working on studying Prision Break

Preparing for Humane Labs


if interested in playing for a few hours tonight, please send me a message on Xbox Live :) thnx

Edited by SSGTDoom
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Looking for group to invite me to Humane Labs raid or pacific standard. I'm level 125 legit and a great driver and shooter. I'll barely ever be the person who dies. My gamertag is "GetRektChumps"

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Looking for group who is at humane labs heist finally or close which means I don't have the heist leader checkpoint myself. I don't care about a payout I just want to get it done I have enough money already.

Level 114

Gt: revrun23

Xbox one


still looking

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Need 2 people for Series A Funding and the 5th heist, we will be running through both of them tonight in First person.


We are starting asap, just send me a message or Join the party.




No sqeakers please. Teamwork oriented.

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