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Heists Free Agents Topic [Xbox]

Recommended Posts


Looking for 2 qualified players to help with the Crminal Mastermind challenge. Please message me if you are interested.

Console: Xbox One

GT: birdmanrules11

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Walshire P

Need 1 360 player with a mic for the final heist, most or all set up missions. Will do a 25% split at the finale. Message Walshire P and we will pick you up as soon as we can.

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Need 2 for heists! Must havemic and know what your doing! XBOX ONE



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Dumb guy




Have all necessary equip.

Edited by Dumb guy
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We have a crew of three, need one more for heists. Plan to start third heist here soon.

1. Xbox One

2. Aquillies

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Xbox 360

Gta: Powderfreshness


lvl 137, maxed stats, fully equipped


Let's Heist!


My mic broke. I'm getting a new one tomorrow


Send me a msg or friend request. Game invites have server issues sometimes.


Aviation beast, clutch driver, efficient firer, genius heister, impressive jumper, Karuma lover, MG negotiator, operations proprietor, questions replier, subtle tyrant, understanding voter, aghhh f*ck the ABCs

Edited by PowderFreshness
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Level: 241

Mic: Yes

Completed Heists:

Fleeca Job

Prison Job

Humane Labs

Preferred Roles:

Anything except helicopters

Will bring armored Karuma

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looking for people to help with setup and finale mission on last 4 heists cuts will be 50/50 so its fair message my GT: Andy White 1996 and ill invite you to a party mic prefered

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Need 3 for Prison Break Heist. I host. Every group I seem to join, quits before the end mission of prison break. GT: SOULxSTEALERx29

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need 3 players for heists starting mid way through humane labs to finale and others the setup and finale, will split take fairly a little more for me for the upfront costs and no money for setup missions etc etc, mics a must


GT: steveyboy07

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Looking for group who is at humane labs heist finally or close which means I don't have the heist leader checkpoint myself. I don't care about a payout I just want to get it done I have enough money already.

Level 114

Gt: revrun23

Xbox one

Edited by Revrun23
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On just now looking to do Prison Heist station , wet work and finale if possible. 25% equal split for finale.



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Hi, I need 2 too 3 players to do the breaking prison heist and the rest of them after that. I'm on nearly every day so message if you are interested. No need for a mic as long as you are serious about doing the heists. My username is XboxMatrix01 and my gamer pic is the same as the one here. Msg the role you want. The platform I will be using is Xbox One.

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Xbox One
2 player team
We are a mature 2 man team looking for the same to team up and get these heists done. Starting with 3rd mission of the prison break.
On hard
I am a Lvl 248 and he is a Lvl 177.
We know what we are doing and have a full arsenal including a buzzard and tank.


Even split with rewards!

GT MobTownTree

We are on and waiting.

Edited by MobTownTree
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I am currently host on the prison berak just send a message, also i will split the cut evenly, starting from first setup

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will be online for another hour or so

looking to do all or the end of the prison break heist and then others eventually


platform: xbox 360


position: driver usually, gunman, can fly but prefer not too.


hit me up!

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