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Heists Free Agents Topic [Xbox]

Recommended Posts


Everyone looking to find people to join heists, go to www.gtaheistfinder.com and add me SOA MaGuS


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I need three people for the convoy setup mission and the finale of the Pacific Bank Job

Message me my GT: Sgt Rock009

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My friend and I are looking for 2 more players for The Setup heists. We are hoping to find some players to become friends with and continue the heists.

We are on xbox 360. Gamertags are: ben wreckz, jon iz illy. We are level 70, 79.



Edited by b2darifle
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Looking to help out on heists until my friends get on. I've done the first 4 multiple times. Level 144. Please send me an invite.

GT: asherwhee

On xbox one.

Edited by asherwhee
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Need 3 poeple for Heist set up. Humane Labs: deliver EMP.

almost impossible to find anyone that will either stay or knows how to run it.

send me message in game for invite. as im looking for 3 people, might take a minute so dont ask if you going to just leave like the rest.

GT: VapidDragun

Xbox One

Edited by VapidDragun
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MESSAGE FARKA B or QT McpHisterson on xbox one we are two crew members looking to complete hiests, FARKA is my crew leader and we are 2 moderately skilled players looking to get sh*t done and not deal with randoms who quit out or cause problems, we use our mics all the time and try to be as tactical as possible while still having fun, always looking for regulars!

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Need 2 more for prison break from the start and possibly the rest for Xbox One


GT: Reaping Zanex


EDIT: Just need 1 more

Edited by Zanex
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Xbox One



Need two more players...Hoping to go for the 10 mill0000ion

add me if interested

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One more player needed for pacific standard with up to 30% cut. Add WantedBounty and message me.


Please have a mic and we will try no reset too

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looking for xbox one players to do all of trevors heist that they can

gamertag AwardbleLemon0

have mic but I don't like talk

will report people who exit out during missions.

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Looking to play heist. Currently on prison break. Need 2 more.


Gt: challer2000

Xbox one

Edited by challer2000
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ll L0NE WOLF ll

XBOX 360 Heist members needed

Need some members to complete and unlock all heists, having a microphone is desired.

My gamertag: Skri5a4

Looking for someone needing skilled player for series funded heist and beyond. I'm on 360 looking for a crew to do heist with, I have a mic and I am skilled in all areas gt is the same as above ll L0NE WOLF ll . Please add me I really need to complete the series funded heist !!!

Edited by ll L0NE WOLF ll
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cool gamer99



any role


GT:cool gamer99


25% cut or higher

Edited by cool gamer99
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G18 Kaliber

need 1 to 2 people to play hiests msg me G18 Kaliber xbox one

Edited by G18 Kaliber
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Bow to god


Looking for heist mates! Don't worry I don't suck! Have helped all my friends heist and haven't done mine. I found the easiest way is invite only sessions so ads me to get invited for prison break

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Need 3 players to help me with all 'Prison Break' missions and all the other heist's that come after that one.


360 GT: T H E GAMER H5 - Message me something and when we have enough players I will invite you.


Funding: We let the game decide. (If you argue that the game gives me more than the rest of you - remember that I paid the setup cost).


Skill: If you suck: Snipe | If you're good: run n' gun.


Don't care about age.

Don't care 'bout mic (I don't have one).



Edited by theh5
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Level: 241

Mic: Yes

Completed Heists:

Fleeca Job

Prison Break

Humane labs

Will bring Armored Karuma

Preferred roles:

Anything except helicopter flying

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