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Post your heist creations here!

Unpopular Opinions

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Unpopular Opinions

Imagine the possibilities if one day we were allowed to create our own heists. Until the day never comes let's fantasize and post some ideas here!


I'll start:


Heist Name: Skyscraper Revenge


The objective/story: a high end hotel owner (we'll call him Mr. Harris) is on "house arrest" since evidence was not enough. Harris is believed to have stolen all of his employees retirement investments. Inside sources say that he's keeping the money inside of his penthouse on the highest floor inside a wall. It's up to you to break into the tower and retrieve the money.


Setup 1- The crook: In this mission you're tasked to intercept a prison bus and retrieve a criminal (ex-employee for Harris) that has close ties with Mr. Harris. Once he has been retrieved you must drive to your apartment after losing the cops.


Setup 2- "Welcome to Hotel Harris": in this setup three of you must enter the hotel undercover scoping out the area and retrieving the crooks files that have the evidence of Mr. Harris while NOT trying to be caught. Meanwhile the other person is busy causing a scene near the hotel before they evade and must hack the security cameras offline.


Final : Skyscraper Revenge: Due to recent concerns the FIB has decided to guard Mr. Harris's room. Two team members will call in a threat to the building causing a evacuation. The other two team members will take put security cameras and destroy the tapes while fending off the police. The two team members inside will head up to the penthouse and start drilling the wall only to find the money is not there. The two team members outside call "the crook" and find out the money could be inside Mr. Harris's red car. The car appears empty until it's shot at by a cop that got by the two downstairs and it's revealed the car is made of pure gold.


Now the other two team members must ride the window elevator "thing" up to the penthouse and get the car on while the two in the penthouse fend off cops and break the window. Two teammates will get in the car and drive it onto the elevator thing while one teammate must get to a control panel and lower it. The other teammate is fighting off police and jumps out the window to escape with a parachute. The teammate inside on the control panel will run outside and regroup with the car that has now landed.


Once all four teammates are inside you will pickup "the crook" and drive away.



So yeah that's my idea

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